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Roberta Andrade Carneiro to join HR as new Immigration Administrator

L’Arche Canada is pleased to announce that Roberta Andrade Carneiro will join the HR team as our new Immigration Administrator. Roberta will work with Stefan during August in order to have a good transition. Welcome Roberta!!!

"I am the middle child of a beautiful Brazilian family. I have moved alone to Canada and I have been living in Montreal for 5 years. My professional background is in Human Resources with a degree in Psychology and certification in Canadian Immigration Consultancy. I love playing sports and my favorite is volleyball, which I play once a week. I believe that each of us have something special to share, and together, we make a difference in our society. That being said, I hope I will make a difference at L'Arche Canada." (Roberta)

When communities welcome the contributions of persons with intellectual and other disabilities, they thrive, and we all benefit from a more vibrant, creative, and compassionate society.
L’Arche was founded to be a safe place where people who are vulnerable and marginalized discover respect and valued belonging. The name L’Arche, after Noah’s ark, was chosen to represent this promise. The current L’Arche logo shows each person with a place in the boat of equal dignity and value. These values are fundamental to the vision and mission of L’Arche for all who participate in our life and for the world.
Our commitment to respect all individuals, to prevent abuse, discrimination and harassment, and to provide support and intervention when required.
Posted 2018-03-08
On February 8, members of L’Arche attended an “in person” session of the accessibility consultation, as several L’Arche folk from other communities had done in their cities.

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