New Community Leader for L'Arche Montréal

Posted 2022-02-11

We are pleased to announce that the L'Arche Montreal Nominating Committee has selected Louise Provost as the new Community Leader.

Louise has extensive knowledge and experience of L'Arche values, practices and traditions. She is particularly familiar with L'Arche Montreal having worked there for several years as an assistant and as a home coordinator. She has also been a member of the L'Arche Canada Service Leadership Team, and has served as Home Coordinator in L'Arche Cape Breton and L'Arche de la Capitale-Nationale. She was also responsible for coordinating the training in the Québec region.

We recognize in Louise a strong concern for quality community life and her ability to move people forward in the community (formation, spirituality, personal growth). Louise has great leadership, organizational and caring qualities that will certainly contribute to the development of L'Arche Montreal.

Well aware of the strengths and challenges of the community, she wishes to put all her heart and energy into the accomplishment of the mission. It is with great joy that the core members learned of Louise's upcoming return. She will begin her full time position in January 2022. 

We would also like to express our gratitude to Alain Ouedraogo, the outgoing leader who gave us a lot during many years and who is already at his new tasks as international representative for Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. We wish him the best of luck in his new role and will keep in touch with him as he remains a present member of the community.

L'Arche Montreal is turning a new page in its great history book, we are happy that you are part of it.

Damian Marczuk, President of L'Arche Montreal
Patrice Paradis, Vice leader for Quebec

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