L'Arche Canada Submission on Consulting with Canadians on Accessibility Legislation

Fundraiser Opportunity at L'Arche Ottawa

L’Arche Ottawa

… is a thriving bilingual community serving the needs of adults with intellectual disabilities. A 47-year history speaks to the long-term success and stability of the community. L’Arche Ottawa provides a unique environment of caregiving and community building that fosters inclusion, understanding and belonging.  L’Arche Ottawa has six homes located in Ottawa west where assistants and volunteers from diverse cultures and backgrounds share deeply committed relationships with people with developmental disabilities. Furthermore, L’Arche shares its values with the greater Ottawa community.


… is essential to L’Arche Ottawa’s ability to live its mission. Much of its operating budget is funded by the government, but additional funds are required to enhance the quality of life of our core members and assistants, and to make a positive impact on the broader Ottawa community.

… includes the following: Regular communications with donors;  Major Gifts; Planned Giving and Bequests; two or three annual events; partnerships with local businesses and the L’Arche Canada Foundation; grant applications.

Read complete job description in attached file below.

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When communities welcome the contributions of persons with intellectual and other disabilities, they thrive, and we all benefit from a more vibrant, creative, and compassionate society.
L’Arche was founded to be a safe place where people who are vulnerable and marginalized discover respect and valued belonging. The name L’Arche, after Noah’s ark, was chosen to represent this promise. The current L’Arche logo shows each person with a place in the boat of equal dignity and value. These values are fundamental to the vision and mission of L’Arche for all who participate in our life and for the world.
Our commitment to respect all individuals, to prevent abuse, discrimination and harassment, and to provide support and intervention when required.
The core of the works and message of Jean Vanier is a deep affirmation of life and the recognition that human fragility and suffering are pathways to healing and communion.