Jean Vanier est décédé paisiblement ce 7 mai 2019, entouré des membres de sa famille. Il était âgé de 90 ans. Sa mort est une grande perte pour sa famille, pour les membres de L'Arche et de Foi et Lumière à travers le monde (dont les 30 communautés de L'Arche au Canada), et pour les gens de partout touchés par sa vision d'une société plus humaine où chacun, sans distinction d'âge, de capacité ou de milieu, ait sa place et puisse offrir ses dons.
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Jean Vanier

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  • Just now two tiny girls came to my front door in Edmonton seeking donations for L'Arche. They got their donation. Looking at their donation sheet, it appeared that the community recognized the value of this organization. I believe Mr. Vanier used his life well. He made the world a better place and practiced whole hearted giving that is to be emulated. He faced a need in the community and he filled it. He provided for the least among us. And he did it without any sort of self indulgent egoism. A real model for us to emulate in our lives. My condolences to his family. But surely his family understand that when you have lived so well, that death is merely a small step into the next room that is invisible to us? He's still in the same house of love.

    Julie Y Ali, Edmonton, Alberta



  • Jean your life was a gift to the world. I thank you for your message of belonging, vulnerability, love and celebration. It has forever changed me and has built a foundation for or school family as well as my personal family that is rooted in all things true and good. We are so proud to carry your name at the High School where I work. Although gone from this world, you will live forever in all that you accomplished and those you inspired. Until we meet again, rest easy. Danielle Savo Teacher at Jean Vanier Catholic High School Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

    Danielle Savo, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

  • Je vous présente mes sincères condoléances. J'ai découvert Jean Vanier grâce à une émission de France Culture un dimanche matin "Des racines du ciel". Depuis, tout les matins, je commençais ma journée par sa pensée du jour, inspirante. Il faisait ainsi partie de mon quotidien. Son travail est porteur d'espérance. Bien à vous

    Françoise Rousselet, Sète, France

  • Quelques mots pour partager votre peine et vous dire combien cet homme a marqué aussi ma vie, comme la vôtre, et dont le départ laisse un grand vide dans la charité de l'Église. Un prophète vient de mourir. il était comme un autre Christ auprès de tous les blessés de la vie qu'il rencontrait et je garde cette conviction qu'il continue de là-haut à veiller et à prier pour nous. Longue vie à l'Arche !

    Yves Bériault, o.p., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Condolences to all of the family. Jean will be missed, however, the gifts that he gave to the world--his life works, his example of how a human being should live and his wisdom will live on.

    Judith Johnson, Japan

  • What a remarkable man. While I never met him I thought of him as a friend of all of us, as he demonstrated over and over for all these many years. He is a beacon of and for kindness and love in this troubled world.

    Bob Hunter, Kamloops, BC ,Canada

  • Thank You Jean Vanier. As a parent of a woman with Down syndrome you inspired me, sustained me, and gave me and countless others hope.

    Maggie Buckley, Buffalo NY

  • Je veux simplement remercier Jean Vanier d'avoir construit cette oeuvre d'humanité qui reconnait les contributions des plus humbles à la construction de la communauté des nations. Il a pu accompagner, très longtemps et sans relâche, les communautés de l'Arche et l'humanité entière. Qu'il repose en paix et que son oeuvre lui survive longtemps.

    Mathieu Kokinski, Québec, Québec, Canada

  • Bonjour, Je viens juste d'envoyer un message à L'Arche International car je viens juste de voir la messe de funérailles de Jean Vanier sur KTO de France sur mon ordinateur et je désirais partager avec eux ma grande émotion en suivant ce si simple et grand hommage à la fois rendu un homme qui a su aimer d'amour vraiment. Croyez que je partage aussi votre tristesse mais joie de savoir que le Seigneur l'a rappelé à Lui après tant de labeurs fraternels sur cette terre... Je suis sûr que Jean veillera sur 'ses Arches' partout dans le monde... Je viens juste aussi de trouver votre site au Canada, à Montréal, n'est-ce pas? Je vais le visiter pour mieux le connaître à présent. Merci de votre attention. Bien amicalement et fraternellement à vous tous et toutes à L'Arche ici au Québec, Marie-France

    Marie-France Bertrand (Correa), Anjou, Montréal, Québec

  • I learned of Jean Vanier passing on the radio, on my way to work. I kept Jean in my prayers all day, remembering of my years spent at L 'Arche as an Objector of Conscience. My two years at Massabielle and L'Etoile have given me the tools to work today in the same field. It is sad that Jean isn't with us but God called him and he answered his call.

    Philippe Degraeve, Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Cher Jean Vanier, Je voudrais te remercier tout simplement pour avoir répondu jeune à l' appel du Seigneur de tout quitter pour te mettre au service et te faire proche du plus petit, du plus faible. Merci Jean pour ton humilité, ta simplicité, le message que tu nous a laissé. Jésus a du te dire quand tu es arrivé là-haut: "Viens le béni de mon Père, entre dans ta Maison; j' étais une personne avec un handicap et tu m' as aimé, choyé, j' étais un étranger et tu m' as accueilli,..." En communion avec tous les membres de l' Arche et de Foi et Lumière dans le monde, les membres de sa famille, dans la peine et dans l' espérance, Fraternellement, Marc Bienvenu(Foi et Lumière Dijon - France)

    BIENVENU Marc, Dijon - FRANCE

  • We know that Jean will always live on in all the Hearts and Lives he touched so very gently. He lived with Dignity and Grace, let us all do the same! With Greatest love, Michelle and Oli xxxx

    Michelle Ransome, Petersfield, Hampshire.

  • A very great man has gone to his just reward. The qualities of kindness, humility, care and love for others - especially those with extra challenges- and acceptance of all are a model for anyone wishing to live a life of service. Jean Vanier was truly an inspiration for us all - a "Man for Others". Rest in Peace M. Vanier.

    Brian Patterson, Sherbrooke

  • As a volunteer at L'Arche Daybreak , Richmond Hill, for close to 18 years. I have been a witness to Jean Vanier's life work, I have seen his love for the vulnerable, and how that has changed the lives of so many people, I saw the happiness and joy it has given families and core members alike, not to mention assistants and volunteers. You said, that you are just an ordinary man of 90 years old, on your last birthday, who would die in a few years, and then be forgotten. You will never be forgotten, you live on in your writings in the communities that are because of you, in the people whose lives you have changed forever. It is with deep sadness I see you leave this life and us, but I know you will be with God, and your legacy is still with us. Rest in Peace... Lissie

    Lissie Pedersen, Newmarket, On, Canada

  • Rest in Peace Mr. Jean Vanier. Your kindness and compassion were an inspiration to me. In a world where the value of life is diminished, you were a torch of light teaching the world to respect all life.

    Bea Quaintance, Malvern, PA

  • Merci Jean It was just this last October 2018 that you invited my parents and me to your home. We are just regular people on a "journey". Luke 14:13-14 "But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the just.” I am sure that I will always remember that special day. My parents always talk about how blessed we were. Thank you Rest in Heaven

    Odessa Lubinski Age 9, Toronto

  • I heard about Jean Vanier from the sister of one of the residents of l'Arche in Cape Breton. She spoke about him with great tenderness and as a gift coming from heaven. Soon after I came across his book on Reflections on the Gospel of John and by reading it I knew I had found a spiritual brother, if I may say so, little and unworthy as I am. Not too long ago I signed up to receive every day tidbits of his wisdom via computer. His life, his example, words, tenderness and joy has made my life a better one. The mysteries of God revealed in others touch our human heart, caressing and nurturing it, at times reassuring and comforting it. I am grateful for the technology that allows me to express my thoughts and feelings trying to honor a life that has brought so much goodness to the world in countless ways. May he rest in peace in the arms of Jesus along with all the saints, for the Glory of God.

    Martha Orellana Carrera, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • I shall always remember the one occasion on which I had the honour of seeing Jean Vanier in person, at University of Toronto, several years ago. To me, he seemed larger-than-life as he graced us with his sharings on his experiences with the "forgotten" ones, those with intellectual disabilities. Jean Vanier is indeed a great soul and one who shall live on forevermore in the Hearts, minds and lives of all who open their Hearts to him !

    Roslyn Rus, Toronto

  • Je suis de tout coeur avec vous tous. Je suis sûre que là où est Jean Vanier maintenant, il est encore plus avec nous. Avec confiance, encore plus que jamais, prions-le pour nous accompagner dans notre évolution humaine.

    Louise Boudreau, Québec

  • I give thanks to God for the life, ministry, witness, love and writing of Jean. When I was searching for a way to live more deeply into the tenderness of Jesus, Jean's writing led me to L'Arche Ottawa. Over the past four years I have grown in my connection to the community. It has opened my heart. It has shown me part of my shadow, too so that I might let God's love bring me more light. And, it has filled me with joy. I continue to read and revere Jean's writing as a way to open my life to Jesus. I am awaiting his book with Stanley Hauwerwas re: living peacefully in a violent world. Thank you, Lord, for Jean's life and for his good and faithful death. We have all been blessed by his presence. Let us stay grounded in this simple and tender love.

    James Lumsden, Pittsfield, MA (volunteer at L'Arche Ottawa)

  • With deep gratitude for the life, the writings, the vision of Jean in the L’Arche establishment and work of the two Toronto communities of Daybreak and L’Arche Toronto. They have been a source of inspiration, and joy, in my life, and in the lives of countless others. May he rest in God’s nearer Presence.

    Diane Marshall, Toronto, Canada

  • You have soared with the angels right to heaven. You will be canonized a saint in the near future. Because of your vision & compassion you enabled many challenged people to live & belong to a family community built on love. Your legacy will live on forever. Rest in peace.

    Anne Boudreu, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

  • Your love and care for those who need help well be ever in are heart and God well be there for you and all your love ones, my Gary is my brother who has your help and god bless you, Georgina Fritze < SCAVARDA maiden name. walk with him in peace love and hope .

    georgina fritze, victoria bc,

  • With a heart full of deep gratitude, I join the remembrance and celebration of Jean Vanier, teacher of tenderness. In gratitude for the lessons in simplicity, welcome, and reverence from community living as a former assistant of L'Arche Noah Sealth of Seattle, I am a more grounded human from the love I experienced thanks to Jean's vision of compassion and mutuality.

    Lillian, California

  • Jean Vanier your love for humanity has given people with Intellectual hope and a meaningful life.Rest in Perfect Peace

    Samuel Moadow, Germany

  • Jean Vanier was a hero to my mother. Some of her last words before she passed away at age 97 were that the most important activity in our lives was to be of service, particularly to the lonely, the marginalized and the oppressed. She often spoke of Jean Vanier as an example of what Jesus would consider the highest calling while we are on earth. He will be greatly missed, but I'm sure that the angels are rejoicing!

    Carolynn Bilton, Calgary, Alberta

  • I met Jean when he was in Calgary speaking many years ago. It was a wonderful experience to hear his message. I served on the board of directors for Calgary L'Arche for several years. The love and commitment that Jean showed to people is inspiring. An example for us all. May he rest in peace.

    Bruce Campbell, Calgary

  • Thank you Sir Jean Vanier, for your light, love, and dedication. You vision is unsurpassed. My sincere sympathy and deepest condolences, to family and friends... God Speed.. Welcome to the Kingdom of God In the Light of God's face, In Jesus name Amen. Warm Regard's Anna and Sean.

    Anna Maria Massimino, Burnaby BC

  • Such a loss. Such an inspiration. A good man. Requiescat in pace.

    James Schmeiser, Ontario

  • I’m embarrassed to say I’d never heard of l’Arche before reading yesterday’s G&M article on M. Vanier, but, having read it, causes me to explore further his work and better understand his philosophy on life and perhaps develop a new approach to understanding and appreciating others.

    Tony Gardiner, Toronto

  • Le message de Jean façonné par l’Écriture « Ne crains pas … je t’ai appelé par ton nom » (Es 43, 1) m’accompagne depuis notre première rencontre à Trosly en 1974. Jean nous a laissé le témoignage qu’aimer l’autre signifie l’appeler par son nom et ainsi éveiller en lui ce qu’il a de plus beau et d’unique, ce qui lui rend la confiance en soi. Appeler l’autre par son nom se manifestait symboliquement par le fait que Jean tenait toujours à ajouter à la main mon prénom et celui de mon mari Israël, sur ses lettres circulaires dont la dernière qui nous est parvenue est datée de novembre 2018. En grande reconnaissance tout particulièrement pour les communautés de l’Arche en Pologne et au Proche-Orient, nous nous joignons à la famille de Jean Vanier et à la grande famille de l’Arche et de Foi et Lumière dans le chagrin et l’action de grâces. Izabela Eph‘al-Jaruzelska

    Izabela Eph'al-Jaruzelska, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Jean Vanier has influenced me greatly - I wanted to meet him and Thank him. He taught me the value of practical love in our lives he showed us that compassion is the only foundation for a healthy community. His books were written kindly in such a way that we could all understand his message of compassion kindness and Love .Jean has impacted the world greatly not by what he said but by a life well lived He left a legacy of Practical Love as a foundation for all human development and peace - His Massey lecture on being Human is a gift to all of us - we should refer to it from time to time .May his soul rest in peace .

    Fikre germa, Brantford Ontario ,canada

  • Chers amis je suis unie à vous depuis ces années où je reçois la pensée quotidienne j'ai lu les livres de Jean Vanier et je suis toujours autant émue de recevoir les pensées ma prière vous rejoint et rejoint Jean Vanier dans ce grand passage Avec Vous en Union au Christ Marie

    Marie Huvet, Fougerolles 70220 France

  • For over 30 years, I have been very touched and affected by Jean's brilliance in presenting the most daunting Christian concepts with such clarity and simplicity - it has always left me speechless. I was fortunate enough to run into Jean at Fran's Restaurant in Toronto. His party was seated next to mine. Suddenly, all his companions got up to go on various errands and for a precious few moments he was on his own at the table - I considered it a "divine" appointment and did something I have never done before or since, I walked to his table, sat down across from him and asked his pardon for being so "pushy". I then told him how deeply he affected my life, I thanked him for teaching me so much, and what a singular honour it was for me to meet him. He was so gracious and kind. I still remember that meeting vividly all these years later and when I recall it, all of the awkward, child-like feelings still return with the memory. I felt I was in the presence of a very holy man - in all that holiness really means. We have lost a great heart, a great soul.

    Diane Taylor, Toronto

  • Quite simply, a good, good person. A force and a focal point for goodness in the world. The world will not be quite the same without him, and yet, all the love, kindness, and goodness that he embodied will live on.

    Diane Ellus, Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

  • Thank you, sir, for your kind heart and loving words. Your life and work will live on as an inspiring example of the best humanity has to offer. Rest in peace.

    Jeff Elliott, Canada

  • Bonjour mes ami(e)s: Par hasard, je viens juste d`apprendre la tres triste nouvelle de la mort de Jean Vanier. Quoique je ne suis pas Chretien et que je suis athee, je peux vous dire honnetement et sincérement que Jean Vanier était un des rares personnes dont les enseignements me touchaient profondément, et ca depuis 45 ans. J'ai lu tous ses livres plusieurs fois et j'ai passé une semaine avec lui et des centaines d'autres a Trois Rivieres ici au Québec, il y a 30 ans. On ne parlait pas de l`amour juste en paroles , on la vivait, cet amour. J'en était tres reconnaissant. Quand ca allait mal et tout semblait absurde dans ce monde rempli de haine et de brutalité, il y avait toujours notre cher frere Jean Vanier pour nous comprendre, et pour nous exprimer des paroles de tendresse, de vérité, et de compassion. Tres sincerement,et avec beaucoup de larmes... Marco Ermacora Montreal

    Marco, Montreal

  • Forever I will be grateful for Jean’s influence on my life ........he was a man with deep values , integrity and a love that literally saved and transformed the lives of so many ! My vocation was enriched by his message / teachings and this led to the adoption of an infant with Down Syndrome and the fostering of a young child who also has Down Syndrome . He was truly a messenger of the gospel ...may his Light continue to shine and burn in the hearts of many . Rest In Peace faithful servant !

    Thérèse, Montreal , QC

  • Nous perdons un prophète des temps modernes. Son oeuvre survivra au-delà des âges, car il y aura toujours des personnes sensibles aux douleurs des autres. Merci à Jean Vanier pour sa foi et son courage!

    Michelle Payette, Laval, H7G 1A4

  • Accept the 100 fold promised by our Lord.

    Br. Denis, Toronto, Canada

  • I am among the many thousands who have been deeply influenced by the writings and person of Jean Vanier. I remember the times that I met him - his attention, interest and delight in the encounter. I saw it with whoever he was talking to... especially the vulnerable. I feel a very deep sadness knowing that he is gone. Immense Gratitude for the life of Jean Vanier and for the unique value he saw in each person. May we all continue to live out his message in our homes, places of work , worship and play.

    Laurel Baker Martin, Dorchester, Ontario, Canada

  • Cher frère Jean , Je te connais depuis longtemps et cela même si je ne t'ai jamais rencontré ! Tu as eu dans ma vie un impact si grand ! Je me suis toujours senti comprise car tes paroles sont si pleine d'amour . si remplies de Dieu ! Entourée moi=même de personnes atteintes de maladie mentale . Tout comme toi , j'ai beaucoup souffert de les voir regarder de haut car oui je crois qu'elles ont du prix et nous devons remercier Dieu pour leur présence dans notre monde ! Elles nous ramène à l'.essentiel ! À l'amour pure et simple et vrai ! Merci de les avoir fait découvrir au monde ! Voilà la richesse de l'Église ! Merci mon frère !

    Cécile Bélanger, Brownsburg-Chatham Québec Canada

  • Just yesterday when in my car I pushed some button on the radio and somehow i was hearing jean vernier's voice--- the C D that was 'Becoming Human ' started to play! I used to listen to those recordings in the car and had missed this one for so long---it is strange that it showed up yesterda! -and I have read most of his books even more than once! He inspired me many times and gave me hope and acceptance and courage! I loved Jean Vanier! I loved his message which I think is the same message that Jesus left us. I learned to love the people that he lived with and served! I feel like I know Jean well and will save and read his books again as long as I live! I have passed along many of his writings to others! Some day I will get to meet him in Heaven ! I had hoped often to get to hear him speak but through his tapes I have gotten to do that! Now he will get to know that I have prayed and tried to live a better life because of his inspirational work! He was my favorite author in my 80 years of living! He is going to send down blessings for all of us now! Thank you for sharing him and his work with us He was instrumental in the work that I have done as the founder of ''Grandmothers For Peace For All They Children of the World'' we are a prayer group with no meetings and no fees-we just a request grandmothers to pray for their own grand children by name---and to pray for peace for all children everywhere------we send out a newsletter I put together and remind grandmothers to pray for peace and work for peace! We have done many small projects to help others!We have five hundred letters sent out every few months! Thank you Jean Vanier for your inspiration in my own life! Welcome Home to Heaven now! Mary Jo Maher

    mary jo maher, washington, michigan

  • I have been reading Jean's emails for years. Every article was "food for thought" on how to treat others and yourself. We were all blessed to have him in our lives. Beautiful, sweet and inspirational man. Blessings to family and friends

    Dianne Schwehr, Puerto Vallarta, Mx.

  • Je partage la peine de tous ceux qui lui sont proches. Jean Vanier me remplit d'admiration et d'émerveillement pour cette immense tendresse agissante que peut ressentir un cœur humain pour les plus vulnérables.

    Colette Pasquis, Québec, Québec, Canada

  • My love and condolences to the huge L'Arche family. When I first heard Jean I was in high school in Guelph, Ontario in the early 70's. I knew afterwards that my life would be forever changed. Jean's little book of poetry, "Tears of Silence" became my companion and "that my joy gives joy" a deep refrain. A summer spent at Daybreak was the most freeing experience of my life. The gift of living with Gordie, Francis, Peggy, Bill and Billy and others helped me to learn that I was loved just the way I was. Jean visited and I remember him telling the group that the boundary between good and evil runs through the middle of each of our hearts. I could never express enough gratitude for the hope and faith in humanity that Jean has inspired in my life and in the lives of many of the people I know. It was through Faith and Sharing that I met my beloved husband, Joe. Thank you, Jean, for the gifts of wisdom, humour and compassion that you have so generously shared with the world and for helping us to learn about walking in peace with our brothers and sisters. God bless you.

    Anne Sullivan Vallentin, Hamilton, ON

  • Yesterday and today my heart continues to ache as Jean Vanier's death registers more deeply within me. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a saint - the lives he touched - the lives who, because of his love, compassion and vision came out of large institutions and moved into L'Arche homes. There in L'Arche they came alive - they knew love, acceptance, who found and developed their own gifts to give to the world - in their own way. Jean was a big man - physically, mentally, spiritually - he was also loving, humble and one who knew his own weaknesses. He knew that at times his words or actions may have hurt someone but he was ready to seek and ask forgiveness. I remember so vividly at the L'Arche Federation meetings in Kolkata, India (2008) when he knelt in front of some of the L'Arche leaders and asked their forgiveness if there was anything he had said or done to hurt them. Delegates from the L'Arche communities throughout the world witnessed this humility in him. I will never forget the time I was fortunate to sit with him and share some of my thoughts and dreams. I knew I had his undivided attention. I felt so blessed and humbled that he had requested for me to spend time with him My life has been so blessed because of Jean Vanier - through his books, talks, Faith and Sharing retreats, and especially through my years as a L'Arche assistant in L'Arche Saint John, New Brunswick. I give thanks for Jean and pray that in some small way I can live what I have learned from him. Rest in peace, Jean!

    Marilyn Moore, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

  • I would like to offer you all, as Jean Vanier’s legacy in Canada, my sincere condolences on his death. His spirit is at the very heart of what you do. My son, Paul Beggs, worked with L’ Arche Ottawa, and I am so proud of his excellent contribution. It is such important and enriching, albeit difficult, work. I pray that Jean Vanier’s spirit will continue to always bless your work at L’Arche Jean Vanier is also dear to us all as Catholics in Canada. He is a hero, a saint and therefore a profoundly human, human being. God bless his soul. Louise Beggs

    Louise Beggs, Stittsville, Ontario, Canada

  • Jean Vanier, the founder of L'Arche, is one of the people, who had a major influence on my way of thinking and living. Through him, I got to know about L'Arche, an amazing place for persons with physical and developmental disabilities to live with joy, dignity, and peace. Vanier had a tremendous influence in shaping my vision of ability and disability and my commitment to reaching out to persons with disabilities and including them in dance, from which they are often excluded. Vanier's lectures and books, specifically "Becoming Human", helped me in my most difficult times. His gentel, humane outlook on life changes and challenges opened the door to a peaceful, meaningful view of life that circumvents the prevalent chaotic, rat-race style of the times. Because of him, I connected with persons with physical and developmental disabilities, who offered me my happiest moments in life. For that, I can never be thankful enough. May his soul rest in peace, and may his ways continue to nurture humanity.

    Maria Sabaye Moghaddam, Ottawa

  • Jean Vanier's wisdom guided my ministry and my daily life. What a holy, humble, compassionate man. He blessed the world and shaped our cultural capacity for understanding and appreciation of others, for the beauty of their unique selves. He embodied and modeled faith, hope, and abiding love. I will be forever grateful.

    Joan Gallagher-Main, Midland, Ontario, Canada

  • Sincere condolences to the Family of Jean Vanier and thanks for his invaluable contribution to '' the least of his brethren" His reward will be great..

    Harold A. MacIsaac, Port Hawkesbury, Nova scotia,Canada

  • Jean Vanier followed his parents in service to others, humility and simplicity. It was in his blood. He truly followed the Beatitudes in his life and it's manifested in L'Arche throughout the world. His love of others was a unique expression of himself. He will always be seen as a guide of peace.

    Vernon Chisholm, Halifax, NS

  • RIP Jean. You founded an amazing movement that has touched many lives and continuous to change the world one heart at a time. Your ideas, thoughts and love will live on for a long long time to come.

    Birgit, Wolfville, NS

  • My love and condolences to all at L'Arche and to Jean Vanier's family. I am deeply moved by this news. I first heard of Jean in a radio program about L'Arche made by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2010. I will never forget listening to it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your life.

    Narelle Hanratty, Melbourne, Australia

  • Thanks to God for that holy man who really gave me an image of what Christiany is all about - Love! For me since I first met him in 1987 I felt that I have really met a modern saint... Looking forward meeting again in Heaven Jean! Until than, please intercede for us as we are all very weak but long for learning more about Love.

    Daniela Wiedl, Austria

  • My heartfelt love and condolences! I am a life touched by his message.

    Gregory Danielson, Tyler TX

  • My life has been forever changed for the better by this beautiful & holy man. I had the privilege of living in L'Arche Cleveland. May Jean rest in peace & may L'Arche Communities continue, with the grace of God, to thrive.

    Grace M. Carroll, Cleveland, OH USA

  • With sincere condolences we wish to thank you from our hearts for the difference you have made in so very many lives around the world. Rest in peace with the Lord dear sir.

    Ann and Caroline Breen, Toronto, ON

  • I look forward to my Son starting at Jean Vanier school here, in a few months. We learned so much about God's love from the wonderful Monsieur Vanier. Repose en paix.

    Martin, Sherwood Park, Canada

  • I wish to convey my condolences on the passing of Jean Vanier. As a former assistant with Daybreak and in Winnipeg, I found my time with L'Arche was instrumental in the development of my spirituality and, of course, Jean was a huge part of that. I remember speaking with him one day, and this tall man actually made himself smaller in his chair, so we were on the same level. He has done a magnificent work, which will carry on for many many years to come. Theresa Seraphim

    Theresa Seraphim, Edmonton

  • A life well lived, a legacy of great love. " ... whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." An inspiration to all people both religious and secular.

    Richard Meyer, New York City

  • My sincere sympathy to the L'Arche Canada family at this time of loss. While it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Jean, his life and his contributions, there is also personal grief for many. My love and prayers are with all of my friends in L'Arche across Canada. xo

    Kelly Beaton, Sudbury

  • In 2012, I had the opportunity to attend a retreat in Trosly after having spent two years living as a l'Arche assistant. During my retreat Jean continuously presented the group with reflections on the Bible and Jesus' message. It was during this retreat that I had the opportunity to meet with Jean and I was seeking direction in every aspect of my life. I was extremely hopeful that Jean would provide me with some insight into the direction in life that I so very much needed and he did, but not how I expected. Jean simply asked me, "What would Ed do in this situation?" This question has changed my life. Jean's work in l'Arche and his guidance that day are things that I will always be grateful for. Rest peacefully.

    Chrissy Pace, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Dearest Jean. We drifted apart over the years, but are forever one in the love of Jesus. Blessings to the L' Arche community throughout the world. Your "little sister," - Mary Jane

    Mary Jane MacLennan, Winnipeg, Canada

  • He was a great man. Full love for everyone. He will be deeply missed

    Kiersten Hiltz, Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Merci Jean pour vos leçons de vie et enseignements inspirants. Toutes mes sympathies à ses proches.

    Stéphane Rodier, Gatineau, Québec, Canada

  • Mes sympathies à tous. Mes symphonies, aussi! Mes prières, mes espoirs, ma reconnaissance! * Mes Prières: pour que nous soyons uns comme Jésus et le Père sont uns. (Jn 17, 21) - Ma prière, à Jean Vanier pour qu'il intercède pour les petits. - Ma prière, à Jean Vanier, pour qu'il soit aussi mon compagnon de vie. - Mes Espoirs: Que le Seigneur suscite plein de petits Jean Vanier! * Mon espoir: l'Oeuvre qu'il laisse. La beauté qu'il laisse. L'engagement au service de l'Amour, au service des touts petits. -Mon espoir: l'Amour! Car, l'amour n'est pas inaccessible, il est possible! * Ma reconnaissance: Pour toutes ces fois, où Jean Vanier m'a interpellé! - Ma reconnaissance: Louer le Seigneur, Terre entière! (Psaume 100) Enfin, l'Amour, la tendresse et l'Amitié! "L'amour, ce n'est pas faire des choses extraordinaires, héroïques, mais de faire des choses ordinaires avec tendresse. Je rêve d'un monde d'amour où les hommes n'auront plus peur les uns des autres. Il ne faut pas avoir peur d'aimer et de dire aux gens qu'on les aimes." (Jean Vanier) * L'amitié est fidélité. (Jean Vanier) - Jean Vanier, ami de tous sur Terre, fidèle serviteur et Dieu, fidèle Bienfaiteur, voilà qui nous assure que ce futur saint, sera assurément notre ami, pour l'éternité! Merci à ceux qui nous permettre d'écrire dans ce livre! Voilà une initiative remplie de beauté, de tendresse, d'amitié. La suite s'annonce prometteuse! Mes sympathies à tous. Mes symphonies, aussi! :)

    Christian Laflamme, Sherbrooke, QC - CANADA

  • My heart is sad but my memories of Jean are fond and happy - the warm embrace he gave my friend Marlene and I in Assisi, it brought such a bright smile to her face, the looks of the inspired youth at a retreat, his gentle words to another friend, Cecile, as she was journeying to the end of her life, but my most cherished memory is of the conversation Jean and I had about our families, particularly our brothers, during a drive from Montreal to Ottawa on a sunny Friday evening many years ago. His example of acceptance has been a guiding force in my life. Rest peacefully Jean.

    Kim Aker, Windsor, Nova Scotia

  • My condolences to the family and everyone who is a part of L'Arche community at large. Jean Vanier will be missed. RIP

    Gina Cianfarani, Canada

  • La première fois que j’ai rencontré Jean, j'étais fascinée par l’intensité de sa présence, à chaque contact avec les personnes qui allaient le saluer: mais qu’est-ce qu’il a ce bonhomme? La deuxième fois que j’ai rencontré Jean, j’ai été bouleversé par son regard, par sa façon de me regarder: pendant deux battements de cœur, le temps c’est arrêté. Mais qu’est- ce qu’il a fait ce bonhomme? Puis, hier, quand j’ai appris sa mort, le voile c’est déchiré: Jean voyait chez toutes personnes leur beauté intérieure. Ça fait cliché mais, rencontrer Jean, c’est se faire dire « Tu es unique, tu es beau, tu fais partie de l’humanité et tu es important. » Merci Jean, et toute mes sympathies à sa famille, ses amis et sa communauté.

    Carole Provencher, Gatineau, Québec, Canada

  • I came into mental health work with people with developmental disabilities fresh out of grad school and in the early 1990s when there was a large-scale downsizing and closing of institutions in BC. Jean's work and writing were so influential to my view of how we could humanize services for this population and create more welcoming and equitable communities for all. I am so grateful for the powerful influence of this warm-hearted man in our nation and around the world. His legacy will live on as he moves on to his eternal reward for a life well lived.

    Julie Kerr, Calgary, AB

  • Bravo Zulu my Friend, You have moved me beyond measure and my solemn prayer now as always is that your legacy and love will live on through your prophetic words and in the peoples of L'Arche and may we all Become a little more HUMAN....Rest In Heavenly Peace Jean Vanier

    Brett Pequin, Drayton Valley, Alberta

  • He was such a great man yet humble. Full of grace, love and mercy for everyone. He will be greatly missed.

    Anna Roberts, Stratford upon Avon. UK

  • You are truly a giant of history and your legacy will live on for generations to come.You picked up the voiceless and became a champion of humanity; you have left the world a far better place than you found.As you shine on back to your maker, let your stars shine upon us, as we carry own with the mantle.Fare thee well Jean Vanier

    Dominic Opaka, Edmonton

  • The People of St Basil's Parish, Ottawa, mourn the loss of Jean Vanier. May he be remembered for his love of the poor and insights about becoming better human beings.

    Fr Daryold Winkler, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • My sincere condolences. However, his message of making real inclusion possible stays with all of us.

    Marlene Hood, Toronto, ON Canada

  • Repose en paix toi notre modèle par excellence au service de la dignité humaine. Merci pour ton écoute attentive et surtout de ta tendresse active. C'est à nous de continuer ton oeuvre.

    Anne Quesnelle, Azilda, Ontario, Canada

  • A great prophet and blessing for our world. Yes indeed, a very great light has gone out and so many lives have been deeply touched by his vision. RIP.

    Colleen Le Blanc, New Brunswick

  • My heartfelt condolences to the family. I live in a community who has the benefit of one house and in the process of purchasing a second home, under his L'Arche foundation. Jean taught us how to live our lives in love, helping one of God's peoples at a time. Rest in peace servant of God.

    Sharon Ciebin, Coquitlam, BC Canada

  • My sincerest condolences to the l'Arche family on the loss of Jean Vanier. He was an inspiration to all who worked with the developmentally delayed. I for one wish him Godspeed and rest in peace you deserve it.

    Edmund Strange, Chelsea QC

  • Joy and I deeply grieve with you, our friends. Jean Vanier was perhaps the most influential person in each of our lives. We are deeply moved in care for you as you continue the beautiful and powerful mission gifted to you in his legacy. Love to you all, Jeff and Joy Imbach

    Jeff and Joy Imbach, #315 1359 56th St. Delta, B.C.

  • What a vision! What a life ! What contribution ! I am deeply touched today especially by his lifelong contributions to the lives so many others . May his vibrant life example , grow daily as a Blessing to others ! His words ; spoken or written , film footage , even his smiling caring photos , all emanates love! May all of his legacy lift up many and continue to inspire others to follow in the path of his loving gentle foot steps. Angels celebrate and rejoice with the arrival of his giving , singing heart! All knowing , GOD welcomes his soul and grants him peace . Today, I am with my tender sad heart , --but also in great respect and with sincere thanks for the gift of his time here . REV. SARAH

    Rev Sarah Bunnett-Gibson, Toronto , Ontario

  • My deep condolences go out to the family of Jean Vanier. I had the privilege of spending a few days with Jean about 15 years ago while studying at Queen's University. I felt I was sitting in the presence of a Saint. My heart aches at this great loss, but I rejoice knowing he is with our Lord. His legacy will live on in the lives and hearts he has touched, and of course in all the wonderful L'arche communities around the world. We love you Jean!!!!

    Ginny Bodsworth, Watford, ON

  • Une triste nouvelle de savoir que jean Vanier nous a quitté mais en même temps nous sommes contents de savoir que nous avons un saint au ciel .Son âme repose en paix dans les bras du seigneur.

    jocelyne Moubarak, Reyfoun Kesrouan Liban

  • Jean Vanier had the extraordinary gift of being able put into words the transformation that we experience though our relationships in L'Arche. I am heartbroken that his voice has been silenced, but know that his message will live on through his writings, and through all of those sharing life in L'Arche throughout the world. May he rest in peace.

    Elizabeth Nash, Edmonton, Alberta

  • Many years ago I brought five others to a retreat that Jean did at St. Mary of the Lake University. It was life-changing and I never hear the Beatitudes without remembering this experience. God has blessed us with Jean and all at L'Arche. God continue to care for all.

    Sister Ellen Enright, IBVM, Chicago, IL USA

  • May he Rest in Peace. Thank you Jean for everything you did for everyone, but especially for those with intellectual disabilities. You were the instrument through which each had the opportunity to have their individual worth recognized and valued.

    Theresa MacNeil, Dartmouth , Nova Scotia

  • As our society becomes increasingly intolerant, let the spirit of Jean Vanier be the light that guides people to help the most vulnerable in our society be included and thrive to the benefit of all. Those with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities are the forgotten in Canada. Let Jean Vanier’s spirit make Canada a better place for all, including, the forgotten.

    Mark R., Toronto

  • Merci à un grand homme qui a pris soin des plus vulnérables de notre société. Merci pour son oeuvre, L’Arche, qui est un modèle d’empathie, d’amour, de bonté. Merci à cette grande famille et poursuivons ensemble son Travail. Reposez- vous Monsieur Vanier, vous avez tant donné!

    Poissonnier, Quebec

  • Oui, quelle grande perte aujourd'hui!!! Il a aidé beaucoup, il a donné tout! Il nous a donné beaucoup, il nous a montré la route à suivre...Qu'il repose en paix! Amen!

    Raymonde Fournier, St-Ferdinand, P.Québec, Canada

  • Un grand homme nous a quittés. Il laisse cependant en héritage une oeuvre magnifique et inspirante qui continuera à grandir partout dans le monde. Grâce à lui, notre vision de l'humain a changé. Mes condoléances à sa famille et à tous ceux et celles qui ont eu le privilège de croiser sa route.

    Huguette Pilon, Montréal

  • My heart is tender today, filled with gratitude and tears. Jean Vanier has been a force for good in the world, and a transformative presence in my life. What a privilege to have known and been known by such a great and humble human being. This morning I went next door to hug Maggie Rose and we shared a moment of grief together remembering a man we loved. At a shared meal many years ago, Jean sat next to Maggie and, when she needed help, took her fork and knife and cut her meat. She still bubbles over with joy and thanks as she recalls that moment. And that's how I will remember Jean today - not as a hero on a pedestal or someone larger than life, but as a simple man who, in all humility and with all manner of human failings, did his best to love the person next to him. And that love has changed the world.

    Jenn Power, Cape Breton, NS

  • It was time for Jean to die but I cannot help but feel that we so desperately need his continuing presence. Jean had learned humility by being befriended by those who many think are incapable of friendship. Jean could see into his friends hearts. He saw their fear that they could not be loved because of their disability. But Jean loved his friends not because they were disabled but because they laughed at and with him. I have no doubt that Jean's love affair with God made possible his love affair with us. He was a man of remarkable gifts not the least being his ability to negotiate the French civil services. I miss him.

    Stanley Hauerwas, Durham, North Carolina

  • There is extra joy in paradise. He was joy and shared it’s wisdom in his living and writings.

    Cristina dePalma-Vega, Denver, Colorado. USA

  • Although I am deeply saddened by the death of Jean, I know, as Jean said, that God is good. And we are a Resurrection people. Jean has been on his pilgrimage for all of his long and fruitful life, and he’s finally arrived at his destination. And been welcomed by our loving and merciful God. Can’t you just hear that welcome? WELL DONE, MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT, JEAN! With thanksgiving for Jean’s life of love and service, and my love. XO

    Bonnie E. Vadacchino, Welland, Ontario, Canada

  • I have felt a deep connection with Becoming Human and what Jean Vanier has had to say abouut communities, and coming together as a human race. Beautiful work by a beautiful man. Not to mention the huge impace L'Arche has created over the years. Jean Vanier has been my inspiration from the moment I picked up his book, and this world has yet to see another soul as selfless, intelligent, and hero to the developmentally disabled as he. Rest in peace, M. Vanier.

    Julia, Toronto, Canada

  • I was deeply moved by the life and witness of Jean Vanier. His book on the community became my second bible for many years. He was a champion of humanity over dehumanising tendencies in the world. His simple, gentle approach and his insightful writings will inspire many, including myself. I feel his death as a very personal loss, yet I am hopeful that there is a new saint in heaven watching over our troubled world. God bless you, Jean. God bless the work of l'Arche.

    John Carey, Montreal, Quebec

  • Jean Vanier nous a inspiré tout au long de son existence. Il nous a amenés à devenir de meilleures personnes et à oeuvrer pour une société plus humaine et plus inclusive. Aujourd'hui, nous rendons hommage à son oeuvre, à sa grande sagesse et à sa bonté. Qu'il repose en paix. Nos prières l'accompagnent ainsi que tous ceux et celles qui pleurent sa perte.

    Chantal Costes, Montréal

  • Jean's vision and message was like the mustard seed that has grown into a tree. A tree that will live on through the many people he has touch directly or indirectly. It's a message of Love with it's foundation being God and for that reason it will never die. Rest in peace good and faithful servant.

    Nancy & Garry Dodman, London ON

  • Jean Vanier has shaped my whole adult life inspiring me through his writings, retreats, Gospel of St John course, and his life with his companions in Trosly. Today I think of the personal encounters: inviting me to go to Daybreak in 1985, encouraging me to commit my life to L''Arche in the early 1990s, apologizing on a bus to Canterbury for calling me Guido for years instead of John. I was delighted that he even knew my name. Above all at Paray-le-monial where he made dozens of people waiting to greet him wait while he took time to console my friend Mel who had just learned that his father had died -Jean lived what he preached that the one who is most in need is the one we put in the center of our lives. Rest in peace Jean.

    John Guido, Toronto