L’Arche Atlantique

A lively community with strong ties to St. Francis Xavier University and many student volunteers.
L’Arche Avalon est un projet de L’Arche basé à St-John’s, sur la péninsule d’Avalon à Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.
Willow Tree Community Inc. fosters community in the spirit of L’Arche with adults of varying intellectual abilities who share life, celebrate and grow with one another.
Une communauté rurale qui valorise une vie simple, des relations authentiques et la solidarité.
A new community in the heart of Halifax, it values the diversity of its multicultural and multiracial milieu
Well integrated in a small university city, the community operates a candle-making and weaving workshop and store.
A place where hospitality is at the heart of life.