Make a Difference

In a world so often divided by difference, L’Arche creates inclusive communities where people of many differences live and work together.  L’Arche strives to shape a more just, human, and hopeful society.

If you are someone interested in helping to build a more compassionate world, who wants to learn how to live and work with people who are different than you, and are someone who is open to broadening your perspective on what you value and how you see the world—we invite you to apply to be an Assistant in L’Arche.

We are committed to the greatest quality of life that enables each person to achieve their full potential.
As an Assistant in L’Arche, you offer an important contribution to the lives of others that will make a difference in their lives, and in your own.
L’Arche’s social innovation is founded in the discovery that those most vulnerable play a central role in helping to create a more just, more inclusive society.