A Typical Community


Our communities are made up of homes where Core Members (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and Assistants share life together.  In addition, many communities run work programs or daytime activity programs.  Our communities vary in size from eight homes to one home.  All of our communities share in the same mission of building inclusive communities through the shared lives of people with and without intellectual disabilities.

Homes are usually in the same area of a city or neighbourhood. In each home are typically 3-4 Core Members who share their home with 3-4 Assistants.

Some of our communities have day programs where Core Members go to work, learn or express themselves artistically. These programs may include a craft studio, a woodworking shop, or a café.

Most of our communities have places to gather where we meet several times a month to:  pray; celebrate special events; discuss important topics or share information; hold trainings and formations;  share music; play games; and just have fun.

Our communities are led by a Community Leader and other members of a  leadership team who provide support and ensure the well-being of all persons in our communities.

In L’Arche, we cook and eat dinner together, get together with friends, participate in activities in our neighborhoods, go on vacation together, and celebrate often.