A Successful Fit


In L’Arche, we are looking for people who have a desire to share life in community, who want to live in a L’Arche home, and who can make minimum commitment of one year.  In addition, potential Assistants must be able to learn and perform responsibilities outlined in the Assistant Role Overview, such as:  providing direct care support and carrying out household duties.

Assistants who enjoy, grow, and succeed in the L’Arche experience typically have many of the following qualities:

  • Care about other people
  • Friendly and enjoy being with people
  • Patient, with the desire to help others learn and grow
  • Team player who is willing to work cooperatively
  • Open to learning and receiving feedback with  a desire for personal growth
  • Responsible and takes initiative to live the role to a high standard
  • Motivated to make a positive difference for our world
  • Open to the spirituality of L’Arche and to supporting other’s faith journey
  • Wants to participate in the fun of community life, share joy, and laugh together
  • Able to appreciate other people in all of their diversity
  • Open to friendships with people with intellectual disability