Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Over the next 5 years, L'Arche Canada will work with communities to empower people with intellectual disabilities and those who support them to thrive as they share life and contribute their gifts in communities of belonging.
With our partners for inclusion in Canada and at L'Arche around the world, L'Arche Canada will work with individuals, communities and organizations to build a world where each person is valued and belongs.
Our strategic plan, inspired by the theory of change, will be developed into an action plan with timelines and impact indicators that will lead us from our current situation to the desired outcomes and the achievement of our objectives for a better world.





L'Arche Canada will build a vibrant national structure that respects the diversity of L'Arche across Canada
Strengthen support to L'Arche communities in Canada

1.1 Structural Review

  • We will complete Activities Analysis to reorganize the operational structure of L'Arche Canada;
  • We will finalize the work of the mediation committee with the AAQ;
  • We will complete Strategic Activities Analysis to clarify and improve collaboration with the L'Arche Canada Foundation;
  • We will implement a harmonized dues structure.
  • Strengthened Governance

1.2 Information Collection and Measurement

  • We will develop and implement a methodology for impact measurement;
  • We will develop processes and targets for information sharing.
  • We will acquire and deploy high performance IT resources (database).
  • Improved capacity to measure and communicate impact

1.3 Operational Support

  • We will create a centralized asset pool for L'Arche Canada content;
  • We will build a National L'Arche Community Support Center.
  • We will increase project planning and business plan development skills.
  • Increased capacity and sustainability

L'Arche Canada will continue to nurture and integrate our fundamental principles, core values, and spirituality in everything we do.
Share learning & nurture Innovation

2.1 Compelling vision

  • We will engage in the L'Arche International project on the renewal of the Charter to deepen ownership of the vision and mission of L'Arche;
  • We will contribute to Canada's implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  • We will dispense L'Arche Creative Endeavor Grants to fund the creation, production, and performance of original L'Arche works.
  • Expanded promotion of L'Arche values, rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities

2.2. Leadership Development

  • We will establish an online learning platform;
  • We will update the Leadership Development Curriculum;
  • We will increase support of people with disabilities as co-leaders and co-learners in community-building strategies;
  • We will develop leadership skills modules for people with disabilities.
  • Strengthened Thought Leadership

2.3 Impact Practices

  • We will increase our Impact and Strategic Clarity Capacities at all levels of the organization;
  • We will highlight the increased social outcomes of people with disabilities in community development.
  • We will engage in a structured approach of continuous quality improvement at national and local level certified by recognized external organizations;
  • We will move from a vertical project management and governance mode to a horizontal and flexible mode in order to increase local linkages, better control costs and reduce delays.
  • Modelled Transformative Culture

L'Arche Canada will help build a more human Canadian society where everyone belongs
Engage in strategic partnerships

3.1 Maximize opportunities

  • We will build and engage our alumni network;
  • We will strengthen relationships & collaboration with policy-makers and public advocates on accessibility & rights.
  • We will systematically assess and apply for government funding;
  • We will partner with external multimedia experts;
  • We will develop and facilitate social finance projects.
  • Expanded Multi-sector Network

3.2 Learning Organization

  • We will implement the three phases of the Social Development Partnerships Program project plan;
  • We will proactively contribute to forums for inclusion and social justice.
  • We will be working with multi-sectoral partners to build on our community capacity for belonging, diversity and inclusion.
  • Engaged Inclusion Movement

3.3 Citizenship

  • We will contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by fostering Diversity and Inclusion Work Initiatives;
  • We will convene diverse organi-zations and leaders to co-create options for housing, employ-ment, learning, and belonging.
  • We will build capacity for L'Arche community initiatives to expand members' circles of support in their neighbourhoods.
  • Increased leadership by people with disabilities