L’Arche Arnprior

L’Arche Arnprior

A warm and secure milieu that permits all to discover their gifts and develop their talents.

Located in the beautiful community of Arnprior in the Ottawa region, L’Arche Arnprior consists of three homes, each housing four to six core members and three assistants, a family home with one core member and a large Supported Independent Living program (SIL) with eleven core members.

The assistants live, work and learn with the core members creating a homelife which builds relationships and leads to the discovery of each others’ gifts.

Core members are at the heart of the L’Arche community. Care is given whenever needed, but each individual is encouraged to take an active part in the daily life of both their household and the community, offering their core gift to all.

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The community arts movement and organizations like Art Hives build stronger communities and a more human society. L’Arche celebrates the unique gifts of artists and the community creative spaces where they thrive.
What an amazing year 2018 has been so far! L’Arche continues to grow from strength to strength. Congratulations to the new projects of L’Arche Avalon (St. John’s) and L’Arche Fredericton for all the work you have done in achieving project status.
Experience community with Sabine as she describes her life with the members of her home in Cape Breton.

Creating a world where everyone belongs

Across Canada and around the world, L’Arche creates communities of friendship and belonging. In L’Arche, people with and without intellectual disabilities live, work, learn, and grow together. L’Arche demonstrates that when persons with intellectual disabilities take their place at the table, they contribute to a more just, compassionate, and vibrant world for all.