L’Arche Canada Newsletter Summer 2018

Recently Unité 9, a Québec television program, did an episode on people being reintegrated into society after having spent years in prison. L’Arche Joliette welcomes a woman in this transition. For a few minutes of the video, you see how each of the members of the home welcome her as she prepares supper with one of the core members, expressing gratitude for her presence.

This is a perfect illustration of the healing power of love in action. Community is built as we become interdependent, humbly recognizing and welcoming our need of one another. People grow when they experience a sense of belonging to the greater human family.

This is the last newsletter that Gabrielle and I will send together as National Leaders. With the end of every mandate, one feels there is always more to be done, it has been a privilege to serve and lead you. Thank you for your trust and support.

Over these past five years, L’Arche Canada has grown as the priorities of Servant Leadership, Growth, and Communications and Outreach have been implemented. There have been moments of great joy and a great many challenges.

There are many opportunities before us. Individually and corporately, we are called to grow in living our mission by building bridges across distances and breaking down the walls that separate us. In our world today, L’Arche must show that this is possible.

– Hollee Card

The title “Pareil pas pareil” refers to people who have an intellectual disability, who are like others in many ways and also not like others. It is the title of a new, ground-breaking and highly accessible 14-minute video.
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