A new Community Leader for L’Arche Daybreak

Trish Glennon

It is with great delight and much gratitude that L’Arche Canada and the Board of Directors present Trish Glennon, as the new Community Leader for L’Arche Daybreak - Richmond Hill for the new mandate adopted in January for the next 4 years. Mandate 2018-2022

We believe that the selection process was thorough and led by the Spirit. The whole process was rooted in deeply listening to the members and then in discerning where God was calling individuals and the community.

We know that Trish has responded to this call with humility, desire for service and great love for L’Arche and the members. She listened to the feedback and asked for more input from the leadership and the board and the regional team; she discerned in her personal journey if this call was compatible with her other calls as a married woman, a mother.

We are confident in the experience that Trish brings from her education, career, family, and faith community, as well as for being an assistant who has lived in and been committed for 20 years in one community. She has experienced more than one role as a leader in L’Arche in Daybreak as an Assistant Coordinator as well as in L’Arche Canada the last few years. Her experience and her expertise, along with her many gifts, education and abilities is what is needed for the community today.

In the next months, Trish will start her transition out of her role with L’Arche Canada and in the role of Community Leader and Director for L’Arche Daybreak.

– Toinette Parisio, Jeff Gilbreath and Dorothy Whelan


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