L'Arche Homefires

Well-integrated in a small university city, the community operates a candlemaking and weaving workshop and store

L'Arche Homefires began in Wolfville, a small University town located about one hour west of Halifax in Nova Scotia, in 1981. We are a community of 5 homes in the local area, a candle making workshop (Applewicks), a day Program (Cornerstone) and a small retirement program (Discoveries).  We sell candles and weaving in our store on Gaspereau Ave. Presently we provide home for 20 core members (people with disabilities) as well as welcoming assistants from many countries of the world.

L'Arche Homefires is an ecumenical Christian community with members from many different faith traditions. We focus on the importance of our relationships with each other. We provide support and guidance for people and we receive a great deal from the people we serve. We perform the daily tasks of living together, cooking, celebrating, shopping, and meal preparation. In L'Arche we see the importance of doing things with people rather than for people.






341 Main Street PO 2192
Wolfville, NS  B4P 2N5

Tel:  (902) 542-3520
Fax: (902) 542-7686

Email: office@larchehomefires.org

Web Site: www.larchehomefires.org

Community Leader: Ingrid Blais

500, boul. Gouin Est, bureau 205 Montréal (Quebec) CANADA H3L 3R9 CANADA Téléphone: (514) 844-1661 Fax: (514) 844 1960 office@larche.ca