Meeting with the Minister

On April 6, 2017, representatives of L‘Arche Canada met with the Hon. Qualtrough, Minister of Sports and Persons with Disabilities, to share our hopes and concerns – and express our gratitude and support –for new federal, accessibility legislation.

L'Arche Mexico has moved!

L’Arche Canada congratulates El Arca de México on their move to a new home in Mexico city. We are happy to provide financial support for this important, new chapter in the life of their community

Still Dancing - Henri Nouwen in L’Arche - 20 Years After His Death

"A friend of Henri’s once quipped that Henri wrote the same book forty times. I would say his books might have something in common with dance. There may indeed be only so many steps – but it’s possible to put those steps together in endless combinations and create entirely new and magical movements. Whatever the combination, when Henri invited us to dance, it was always about the movement of the human heart."

L'Arche Haiti: Rebuilding Hope after Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew, with its powerful winds (240km/hour) and rain, has left in its wake a scene of devastation in the far south (le Grand Sud) of Haiti, the region where the community of L'Arche Chantal is situated.

L’Arche Canada response to Bill C-14

In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Physician-Assisted Dying, and as the Federal Government works on drafting legislation on this issue, L’Arche in Canada has re-committed itself to providing the best possible supports for the people with intellectual disabilities in our communities, both in life and as they approach death.

In search of L'Arche’s pioneer women

For some time, we have wanted to pay tribute to L’Arche’s leading pioneer women. The task seemed enormous, given how many women deserve to be honoured. These women have founded and co-founded communities in several different countries. Their steadfast efforts have given rise to the quality of community life that continues to make L’Arche so special after all these years.

Celebrating 25 years on the path of inclusive community in Lethbridge Alberta

On November 1, 2016, the community of L’Arche Lethbridge gathered with their founders, friends, donors, representatives from L’Arche communities in Montreal, Comox, Edmonton, Calgary and Gabrielle Beaulieu, Vice Leader of L’Arche Canada to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Promoting and Defending Rights within L’Arche

Day after day, the news reminds us of abuse and violence targeted toward people with intellectual disabilities. Unfortunately, there are many other victims, yet this population constitutes some of our most vulnerable and at risk citizens.

L'Arche Ottawa

2361 Whitehaven was made possible by the efforts of many people within the L’Arche Ottawa community. Each person contributed in their own way, either directly or indirectly, whether it was by articulating the community’s needs or carrying out concrete actions.

Jean Vanier : Logician of the heart

An excellent new book on Jean Vanier by Michael W Higgins is available from Novalis.