Foster a Vibrant Community

This year we invite you to continue to explore and deepen the fundamental values of L’Arche. Each month, through the values presented in each bubble, a specific group from communities across the country will express and share how they live out these values in daily life in their community! On the back page you will find a calendar of the issues for the next year. We are hoping to solicit your collaboration in producing future content.

So we begin with our first venture into the heart of a vibrant community: L’Arche Montréal! You will see how core members and assistants welcome, live celebrations, what they learn from being together, how they bring traditions to light, how they live belonging in the community, and how in spite of very different needs and realities they work hard to maintain a rhythm that respects each person. ?

We hope this newsletter will inspire you and we look forward to continuing on the journey with you!

NB: Thanks to Sylvie Alarie and L’Arche-Montréal for the pictures