More than Inclusion

Honouring the Contributions of People with Developmental Disabilities


Praise for More Than Inclusion:

"The book is excellent. I have referred our instructors and Advisory Committee members to your website to view the book and their feedback has been positive. Congratulations to L'Arche for producing this publication." J. A. Nugent, Coordinator of DSW Program, Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto. (May 11, 2005)

"This book will be widely circulated within our department and forwarded to our Provincial Resource Centre to be included in material available for loan to provincial and regional staff."
L. Sullivan, MHA, Minister (Acting), Dept of Health and Community Services, Newfoundland and Labrador." (April 13, 2005)

"[The book] is a wonderful illustration of the diversity of interests and capabilities that people with developmental disabilities demonstrate each and every day. I am sure this book will help with the goal of expanding people's understanding of people with developmental disabilities."
J. Crofford, Minsiter of Community Resources and Employment, Saskatchewan. (April 18, 2005)

"Inspirational stories of those with developmental disabilities give hope and a new vision to those who want to make Canada a better place to live. This book is a shining example of what can be accomplished by caring Canadians."
Her Excellency Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada. (May 2, 2005)

"Thank you very much for sending me a copy of More Than Inclusion. I was very moved to receive it. L'Arche has been at the forefront of the work in this area for so long that some people forget what it was like only a few decades ago when there really were very few reasonable opportunities for people with great human potential and various sorts of disabilities."
His Excellency John Ralston Saul. (April 27, 2005)

More Than Inclusion is a L'Arche Canada publication, February 2005, (ISBN: 0-9738067-0-2 ). It is available for $10.00 plus taxes and shipping from L'Arche Canada, 10265 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4Y7. Order your copy at:

More Than Inclusion can also be downloaded in pdf format.

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