Belonging: The Search for Acceptance (DVD and Teacher’s Guide updated 2012)

The Search for Acceptance (DVD and Teacher’s Guide updated 2012)

This 50-minute award-winning film by Karen Pascal of Windborn Productions presents Jean Vanier's social vision of a world where everyone belongs. This continuously popular video covers contemporary history beginning with 9/11. Kit includes the Discussion Version DVD (in 6 segments) and the newly revised 49-page Teacher's Guide. Deals with inclusion, bullying, stories of refugees and immigrants, and welcoming interfaith diversity. "Challenging, stimulating, superb" (Curriculum Services of Canada).

CSC re-recommended in 2012 for Social Studies, Leadership and World Religions.

“The updates that they have made serve to strengthen the resource and make it more contemporary.” (CSC)

Kit: $39.95 + postage. Teacher’s Guide alone: $15.00 + postage

Click here to download a small Adult Discussion Guide on the "Belonging" film.



Recommended by Curriculum Services of Canada:


“[Belonging] celebrates the dignity and diversity of humanity. The materials encourage students to reflect upon the beliefs they have that are associated with appearance, disabilities, family structures, gender, race, culture and socio-economic status. Vanier's profound ideas form the backdrop.”

“Content information is credible, accurate, and up-to-date. The style is appropriate for the audience. The [video and guide] serve as valuable tools for making appropriate curriculum links…The suggested activities are multifaceted and require problem-solving, higher level and creative thinking skills….suitable, challenging, stimulating and relevant for senior secondary students… Production quality is superb.”

"This engaging and versatile supplementary curriculum material explores Jean Vanier's vision of a society where everyone has a place. It deals with bullying, the welcome of "the other," whether different in ethnicity or religion or abilities, and the challenges of creating a welcoming, diverse and respectful society. Belonging is being used in public, private and Catholic senior elementary and secondary schools for Civics, Social Studies, Leadership, Guidance and Religious Studies."

"The discussion version of the original film is divided into six thematic sections: Introduction to Jean Vanier and Belonging, Belonging and Work, Belonging and Exclusion, Uprootedness and Belonging, Understanding Conflict, Belonging to Another. The teacher's guide contains many options for group discussion, personal reflection and research projects. Appendices are provided on media awareness and for student retreats."

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