Jean Vanier Video Clips for Canadian Schools (2012)

Jean Vanier on Belonging and Inclusion for Sr. Elementary and Secondary Students

Tags: Elementary, intermediate, secondary, school, education, belonging, inclusion, Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier talks with Maya Pot, a Canadian Grade 5 student, about growing to appreciate one another as human beings. We all have similar needs to be appreciated, loved, valued. Whatever our nationality or culture this is true. Jean talks about the UN Proclamation on the rights of each person and about the danger of individualism to try to prove we are better than others. He invites students instead to create a classroom and a world where we share and where we can discover that we belong to each other.

Duration: 3:11

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Jean Vanier on How We Can Make Our World a Better Place

Tags: Belonging, inclusion, leadership, society, human beings, L'Arche, Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier reminds us of what it is to be human beings with the same needs to be appreciated and loved, the same need to learn and for people to help us. We all need to be part of the human family. We are very different but fundamentally the same. Life will end with death but this reality can deepen our desire to work together to build a more human and more loving world.

Duration: 2:06

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Jean Vanier speaks to Teachers on Hospitality

Tags: Hospitality, teachers, educators, belonging, inclusion, bullying, L'Arche, Jean Vanier, humanity

Maya Pot, a Canadian grade 5 student, asks Jean Vanier, What would you like to say to teachers about hospitality? Jean responds that the idea of hospitality is not just to open our homes to others but to open our hearts. This is especially important in a world of competition. Sometimes teachers can have a tendency to criticize the student rather than the student’s work. The great need is to understand children, especially if they are upset or disruptive, and then to help them discover how precious they are and help them to do beautiful things. Teachers are called to be firm, but also to be open and understanding. Hospitality is about belonging and working together for something beautiful.

Duration: 3:57


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Jean Vanier speaks on Hospitality--for Parents

Tags: Hospitality, parents, parenting, disability children, Jean Vanier

Grade 5 student Maya Pot asks Jean Vanier what he would like to say to parents about Hospitality. Jean stresses that parents need to receive and value each child for who the child is. They should try to be united as parents and to create a family atmosphere where life is celebrated and there is happiness, where each one is listened to and discovers that he or she is precious. Parents need to be firm, open, attentive, and loving.

Duration: 3:42

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Jean Vanier nous parle d'appartenance


Jean Vanier speaks in French of belonging and freedom. We should help each person to be free so that we can together build a better world. He stresses that it is important to have and value one’s culture but points out that cultural differences can lead to suffering and to putting up walls between us and other groups. He challenges us to see that every human being is fragile and to work together to create a world in which each person is valued as a part of the great human family.

French description:

Jean Vanier nous parle d'appartenance et de liberté. La grande question est de savoir comment peut-on aider chaque personne à être plus libre, afin qu'ensemble nous puissions œuvrer à un monde meilleur. Faire partie d'une culture est important, mais cela peut nous conduire à dresser des murs contre d'autres cultures, d'autres groupes. Il est important de voir que nous sommes tous des êtres humains fragiles et de travailler à un monde plus beau, un monde où chaque personne ferait partie intégrante de la grande famille humaine.

Duration: 3:06


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