"Pareil pas pareil" (Alike; not Alike) educational kit

About the Pareil pas pareil (Alike; not alike) educational kit

The title Pareil pas pareil refers to people who have an intellectual disability, who are like others in many ways and also not like others. It is the title of a new, ground-breaking and highly accessible 14-minute video. The video is in French with easy-to-read English subtitles (Click on the cc at lower right if they do not appear.) It is available in two parts of 8 and 6 minutes, for convenient classroom use. In the video, seven individuals who have an intellectual disability speak very personally and frankly about their lives, their experiences, their views and their hopes. 

A short video by filmmaker Patrice Paradis ("Producer's Introduction") in English helps to orient students to the Pareil pas pareil video and should be viewed first. Another short video, "Comments by Jean Vanier," may be used to open further discussion after viewing Pareil pas pareil.

The Pareil video speaks to people of all ages. Professional educators have created a bilingual kit of resources for secondary schools and for colleges and universities. Pareil pas pareil is also suitable for conferences and professional development days. Supplementary resources include a transcription of the film in regular and large print, journaling worksheets, a parent's story, and secondary curriculum learning expectations that the kit may be used to meet. Ministry of Education agendas related to inclusion, diversity, social responsibility and citizenship are addressed by these materials.

A similar kit is available in French at It includes materials that meet the Quebec Ministry of Education curriculum requirements for senior primary and secondary schools and a secondary level Teacher's Guide for French schools outside Quebec. (This guide meets public school curriculum learning expectations in other provinces and also Catholic Graduate Expectations.) 

This bilingual resource is provided free online as a public service by L'Arche Canada and the Association des Arches du Quebec. This bilingual resource is provided free online as a public service by L'Arche Canada and the Association des Arches du Quebec. The entire bilingual kit may also be ordered on a USB stick at cost ($20 plus postage). To order a USB stick or to request Pareil brochures, please contact 


Kit material



Dance in the Shadow Kit

A new free educational resource supporting topics related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Tolerance, Respect, and Social Responsibility for senior elementary and secondary students.

This kit is built around the video clips on the DVD-ROM Dance in the Shadow: The Unfolding Story of Rebecca Beayni . The videos introduce students to the mutually empowering experience of dance with someone who uses a wheelchair. 

The kit consists of 11 short videos and 6 PDFs, 5 of which have appendices in Word containing only the Questions for Students.  All users should begin with PDF 1, the Introduction. Other PDFs relate to 2015 learning expectations for:

  • Grade 6 Language and Social Studies
  • Grade 10 and 11 Arts (Dance)
  • Grade 11 Leadership/Peer support OR Guidance
  • Grade 10 Religion (Ontario Catholic curriculum)

The 6th PDF offers suggestions for use for Retreats and Conferences.

This kit is a collaboration of L’Arche Canada and Partners for Planning. All parts—videos and teacher’s guide--may be downloaded and used free of charge from this website or from  Alternatively, a hard copy of the DVD-ROM (containing all of the videos except that of John Delazzari and Michael Barrett) may be purchased through



Videos (click to open):

Teacher’s Guide and Questions for Students

1. Revel in the Light (12 min.)

2. John Delazzari and Michael Barrett (1:49 min.)

3. Dance Intro (3 min.)

4. I Can Dance!!! (2:30 min.)

5. Anna Bruno (5 min.)

6. Heryka Miranda (5 min.)

7. First Encounter (5:40 min.)

8. Gratitude (8 min.)

9. Massey Hall Dance (6 min.)

10. You Raise me Up (4:30 min.)

11. Dance in the Shadow (23 min.)

PDF 1 – Introduction (for all users)
Appendix 1: Questions for Students on PDF 1 (click here)

PDF 2 – for Grade 6 Language and Social Studies (suitable also for all students)
Appendix 2: Questions for Students on PDF 2 (click here)

PDF 3 – for Grade 10 and 11 Arts (Dance)
Appendix 3:  Questions for Students on PDF 3 (click here)

PDF 4 – for Grade 11 Leadership/Peer support OR Guidance
Appendix 4: Questions for Students  on PDF 4 (can link also to Appendix 3) (click here)

PDF 5—for Grade 10 Religion (Ontario Catholic schools)
Appendix 5 –Questions for Students on PDF 5 (click here)

PDF 6—for Retreats and Conferences

The “I Am...” Kit (Video and Teacher’s Guide)

A tool to help build inclusion, understanding and community in your classroom or school. Recommended for Intermediate and Senior High School Health, Career Education, Character Education, Leadership and Social Studies.

“The resource approaches the topic of inclusiveness by providing students with an experiential awareness of the common ground that exists among all people.” (from the CSC recommendation)

The heart-warming and sometimes humorous "I Am..." video was prepared by people in L’Arche Cape Breton. The concept came from Cheryl Zinyk and Sol Express, an Arts group based at L'Arche Toronto. The resource consists of the 7.25 min. video enhanced and put on a DVD and a Teacher's Guide that includes art or journaling worksheets and meets universal learning goals.

You can now download the Teacher’s Guide free and use the video available here or you can order a hard copy of the Kit from

Download Teacher's Guide
The kit includes an art or journaling activity. Download additional illustrations for students who would like to colour the images or comment further on the individuals in the video

Enhanced DVD alone: $7.50.00.
"I AM..." Kit (DVD and Teacher's Guide in a study folder): $20

Jean Vanier Video Clips

The Belonging Collection

Click here to download

The Belonging Collection: Disability and Inclusion is a collaboration of L’Arche and the Marsha Forest Centre (Inclusion Press).

An adaptable resource for all grade levels from Elementary to Senior Secondary, it brings together the excellent Play Fair Teams material (CD-ROM and Manual for Teacher Advisors), the L’Arche ''Choosing Our Future'' video (reformatted in chapters for easy use) with Discussion Questions, and a practical new 65-page booklet “Equity, Social Justice, Disability and Secondary Schools: What Regular Subject Teachers Can Do” by Garry Bunch, Rima Al-Salah, and Jack Pearpoint.

In a sturdy binder. $65.00 plus tax and shipping.

To order, contact:

Alberta Education Resources

Learn Alberta has an online resource on Jean Vanier that is tied into the learning outcomes for Grade 10 Social Studies:

Table of Learning Outcomes related to this Learn Alberta online resource

Other L'Arche educationals resources related to the Alberta Education curriculum for Wellness, Health, Guidance, Careers [coming soon]



2013 Jean Vanier video clips for Catholic and Faith-Based Schools

Jean Vanier video clips for Catholic and Faith-Based Schools (2013)

Jean Vanier - A Message to Educators in Catholic and Faith-based Schools

Jean Vanier sends a message to educators in Catholic and faith-based schools: The work you are doing is very important and is a real call from God. The children need you. The important thing is to bring life, to love the children, to respect them. Love is the heart of the Christian message. The Christian message is not about a lot of rules. It’s about revealing Jesus. His message was about love. Essentially, a teacher is someone who loves. Your role is about creating a community where each one is important. Of course there will those who are going through turmoil who appear to be difficult. They especially are crying out, “Does somebody love and understand me?” For you it is to be attentive to each one and thus to reveal to each one they are loved, so they also begin to love. 

Download PDF:  Questions for Students on Jean Vanier’s Message to Educators

Watch the video (Duration: 3:03) >>

Jean Vanier & Damien Pot – on Wisdom

Damien Pot, a Canadian Grade 9 student, asks Jean Vanier about wisdom. Jean says that wisdom comes gradually by listening to people, especially people who have a different reality from us, and accepting reality--the reality of our world and our planet, and becoming conscious that this reality depends on us, that there are people who are destroying our planet through pride or greed. So, wisdom is being conscious of what is going on and understanding that we cannot do everything ourselves, but we can work together to bring change. Wisdom does not just belong to one person. It comes through being together. 

Download PDF:  Questions for “Jean Vanier & Damien on Wisdom”

Duration: 1:45


Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier & Damien Pot—on Becoming a Student Leader (2013)

Damien Pot, a Canadian Grade 9 student, asks Jean Vanier how he can become a good student leader. Jean says, first discover how beautiful you are--that you have capacities and gifts, and to develop these. Then you can help others see they their gifts and capacities, and to move from the ME to the WE. The danger for many young people is that they have no trust in themselves. Gradually, discover the trust you can have in yourself and then help others to discover this trust. Then it is possible to build a better classroom, school and world because, we are becoming sensitive to each other. Whatever the differences, we can build something together.

Download PDF: Questions on “Jean Vanier & Damien Pot—on Becoming a Student Leader (2013)”

Duration: 1:45


Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier on Student Leaders of all Abilities

Canadian teacher Greg Rogers opens this video by mentioning a program the Toronto Catholic School Board runs for student leaders with disabilities (such as autism). Jean Vanier speaks about people with disabilities as having particular abilities--capacities to relate, and for goodness. They can become teachers and leaders. We need first to help these people see that they have real abilities, and then help others to accept people as they are. Those who think they have no disabilities in fact have many disabilities in their capacity to love and relate and be open. The world will become more beautiful as people come to accept each one as they are.

Download PDF:  Questions for "Jean Vanier on Student Leaders of All Abilities"

Duration: 1:45


Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier on Bullying--for Catholic and other Christian schools 2013

Canadian teacher Greg Rogers asks how can students build a school community where everyone belongs? Jean points out that we do not live all alone and that the whole vision of Jesus is to build a community, to love one another and create a unity and peace. This means accepting one another as different—men and women, people of different ethnic origins, religions, sexual orientations. Hitler wanted to kill people with different homosexual orientations, with handicaps, with mental illness, Jews, and Roma. This was the greatest tyranny of the 20th century. We are called to build democracy, to build places of unity and sharing. Each person is different but each has gifts, so to help each person to grow with their gifts so that we create a better world. In all of us there is violence, but violence comes when we are weak—too weak to speak. The opposite of violence is building, is acceptance, and discovering that there is violence in us but that it can be transformed into tenderness and love, which is a greater acceptance of every person as they are.

Download PDF:  Questions for "Jean Vanier on Bullying – for Catholic and Faith?Based Schools"

Duration: 2:42


Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier—A Message to Student Leaders of Catholic and Faith-Based Schools

Greg Rogers of the Toronto Catholic board asks Jean Vanier what student leaders can do to open doors of faith for themselves and for others. Jean suggests first that students discover who they are--that they are more beautiful and capable than they believe, and that they have gifts, especially the gift of love, of accepting each person, and to let the gift of Jesus rise up in them so that they can love people and reveal to them how precious they are, and to call them also to be leaders, to share their gifts with others.

Download PDF:  Questions for “Jean Vanier—A Message to Student Leaders of Catholic and Faith?Based Schools”

Duration: 1:51


Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier’s call to Catholic Student Leaders (Struggle for Justice)

Jean Vanier says he finds it wonderful when people stand up and become leaders because they want to speak for truth and struggle for justice. He prays you will discover the life of Jesus in you and, like Jesus, go out to bring justice to our world, to help liberty to grow. There are so many who who have been pushed down, who are oppressed or suffer injustice. Help people to become free to grow, to love, free to live their faith, and then to help others to grow.

Download PDF:  Questions for “Jean Vanier’s Call to Catholic Student Leaders and Students of other Faith?Based Schools who Struggle for Justice”


Duration: 1:16


Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier’s WE Day message (2013)

Jean Vanier addressed the 20,000 students at WE Day in Toronto on September 20, 2013. He says that we are each called to be peacemakers and to move beyond our own needs and wants to be concerned for others, to help others stand up. The greatness of a human being, he says, is to move from Me to We.

Download PDF:  Questions on “Jean Vanier’s WE Day message (2013)”


Duration: 1:51


Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier Video Clips for Canadian Schools (2012)

Jean Vanier on Belonging and Inclusion for Sr. Elementary and Secondary Students

Tags: Elementary, intermediate, secondary, school, education, belonging, inclusion, Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier talks with Maya Pot, a Canadian Grade 5 student, about growing to appreciate one another as human beings. We all have similar needs to be appreciated, loved, valued. Whatever our nationality or culture this is true. Jean talks about the UN Proclamation on the rights of each person and about the danger of individualism to try to prove we are better than others. He invites students instead to create a classroom and a world where we share and where we can discover that we belong to each other.

Duration: 3:11

Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier on How We Can Make Our World a Better Place

Tags: Belonging, inclusion, leadership, society, human beings, L'Arche, Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier reminds us of what it is to be human beings with the same needs to be appreciated and loved, the same need to learn and for people to help us. We all need to be part of the human family. We are very different but fundamentally the same. Life will end with death but this reality can deepen our desire to work together to build a more human and more loving world.

Duration: 2:06

Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier speaks to Teachers on Hospitality

Tags: Hospitality, teachers, educators, belonging, inclusion, bullying, L'Arche, Jean Vanier, humanity

Maya Pot, a Canadian grade 5 student, asks Jean Vanier, What would you like to say to teachers about hospitality? Jean responds that the idea of hospitality is not just to open our homes to others but to open our hearts. This is especially important in a world of competition. Sometimes teachers can have a tendency to criticize the student rather than the student’s work. The great need is to understand children, especially if they are upset or disruptive, and then to help them discover how precious they are and help them to do beautiful things. Teachers are called to be firm, but also to be open and understanding. Hospitality is about belonging and working together for something beautiful.

Duration: 3:57


Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier speaks on Hospitality--for Parents

Tags: Hospitality, parents, parenting, disability children, Jean Vanier

Grade 5 student Maya Pot asks Jean Vanier what he would like to say to parents about Hospitality. Jean stresses that parents need to receive and value each child for who the child is. They should try to be united as parents and to create a family atmosphere where life is celebrated and there is happiness, where each one is listened to and discovers that he or she is precious. Parents need to be firm, open, attentive, and loving.

Duration: 3:42

Watch the video >>

Jean Vanier nous parle d'appartenance


Jean Vanier speaks in French of belonging and freedom. We should help each person to be free so that we can together build a better world. He stresses that it is important to have and value one’s culture but points out that cultural differences can lead to suffering and to putting up walls between us and other groups. He challenges us to see that every human being is fragile and to work together to create a world in which each person is valued as a part of the great human family.

French description:

Jean Vanier nous parle d'appartenance et de liberté. La grande question est de savoir comment peut-on aider chaque personne à être plus libre, afin qu'ensemble nous puissions œuvrer à un monde meilleur. Faire partie d'une culture est important, mais cela peut nous conduire à dresser des murs contre d'autres cultures, d'autres groupes. Il est important de voir que nous sommes tous des êtres humains fragiles et de travailler à un monde plus beau, un monde où chaque personne ferait partie intégrante de la grande famille humaine.

Duration: 3:06


Watch the video >>


• Videos

• Stories

• Activities

• Documents

• Plain language

• “Listen” buttons

This new bilingual website on friendship is for young people with intellectual disabilities, their families, teachers and others who support them. It provides inspiration and information in a highly accessible format. Most of the website is devoted to Young Adults. This section is in Plain Language and is interactive, with audio page summaries, many short videos, brief stories with “Listen” buttons, games, downloadable activities and documents that provide further suggestions and links.

Topics covered:

    • What is friendship?
    • Finding Friends,
    • Friends Don’t Always Use Words,
    • Making Plans that Work,
    • Why Do We Lose Friends?
    • Friendship Skills,
    • Dating and Sexuality,
    • and Safety.

Resources are also provided for Families and Educators. Topics include Network Building, Inclusive Education, and Transition Planning. A further section, titled Getting Involved, provides information and stories to catch the interest of visitors who might like to have a friendship with someone with a disability. The Additional Resources section highlights several organizations for their Good Practices. Other annotated links to helpful organizations and resources are provided in documents that can be downloaded from various pages in the site. A double-opt-in Community Forum encourages the sharing of experiences, suggestions and announcements. 


For more information

Belonging: The Search for Acceptance (DVD and Teacher’s Guide updated 2012)

The Search for Acceptance (DVD and Teacher’s Guide updated 2012)

This 50-minute award-winning film by Karen Pascal of Windborn Productions presents Jean Vanier's social vision of a world where everyone belongs. This continuously popular video covers contemporary history beginning with 9/11. Kit includes the Discussion Version DVD (in 6 segments) and the newly revised 49-page Teacher's Guide. Deals with inclusion, bullying, stories of refugees and immigrants, and welcoming interfaith diversity. "Challenging, stimulating, superb" (Curriculum Services of Canada).

CSC re-recommended in 2012 for Social Studies, Leadership and World Religions.

“The updates that they have made serve to strengthen the resource and make it more contemporary.” (CSC)

Kit: $39.95 + postage. Teacher’s Guide alone: $15.00 + postage

Click here to download a small Adult Discussion Guide on the "Belonging" film.



Recommended by Curriculum Services of Canada:


“[Belonging] celebrates the dignity and diversity of humanity. The materials encourage students to reflect upon the beliefs they have that are associated with appearance, disabilities, family structures, gender, race, culture and socio-economic status. Vanier's profound ideas form the backdrop.”

“Content information is credible, accurate, and up-to-date. The style is appropriate for the audience. The [video and guide] serve as valuable tools for making appropriate curriculum links…The suggested activities are multifaceted and require problem-solving, higher level and creative thinking skills….suitable, challenging, stimulating and relevant for senior secondary students… Production quality is superb.”

"This engaging and versatile supplementary curriculum material explores Jean Vanier's vision of a society where everyone has a place. It deals with bullying, the welcome of "the other," whether different in ethnicity or religion or abilities, and the challenges of creating a welcoming, diverse and respectful society. Belonging is being used in public, private and Catholic senior elementary and secondary schools for Civics, Social Studies, Leadership, Guidance and Religious Studies."

"The discussion version of the original film is divided into six thematic sections: Introduction to Jean Vanier and Belonging, Belonging and Work, Belonging and Exclusion, Uprootedness and Belonging, Understanding Conflict, Belonging to Another. The teacher's guide contains many options for group discussion, personal reflection and research projects. Appendices are provided on media awareness and for student retreats."

Read the full CSC evaluation

Belonging: Choosing our Future

Belonging: Choosing Our Future is the popular 17 min. video Choosing Our Future re-formatted into short chapters and placed on a DVD-ROM with a downloadable Teacher’s Guide.

Belonging: Choosing Our Future is recommended by Curriculum Services Canada for Grades 7 -12, to support curriculum topics relating to inclusion, identity, community, human relationships, and goal setting. It is useful in implementing curriculum in a number of disciplines, particularly Guidance, Civics, Canadian History, Career Education, and Character Education.

DVD-ROM with teacher’s guide: $20 +postage.


More than Inclusion

Honouring the Contributions of People with Developmental Disabilities


Praise for More Than Inclusion:

"The book is excellent. I have referred our instructors and Advisory Committee members to your website to view the book and their feedback has been positive. Congratulations to L'Arche for producing this publication." J. A. Nugent, Coordinator of DSW Program, Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto. (May 11, 2005)

"This book will be widely circulated within our department and forwarded to our Provincial Resource Centre to be included in material available for loan to provincial and regional staff."
L. Sullivan, MHA, Minister (Acting), Dept of Health and Community Services, Newfoundland and Labrador." (April 13, 2005)

"[The book] is a wonderful illustration of the diversity of interests and capabilities that people with developmental disabilities demonstrate each and every day. I am sure this book will help with the goal of expanding people's understanding of people with developmental disabilities."
J. Crofford, Minsiter of Community Resources and Employment, Saskatchewan. (April 18, 2005)

"Inspirational stories of those with developmental disabilities give hope and a new vision to those who want to make Canada a better place to live. This book is a shining example of what can be accomplished by caring Canadians."
Her Excellency Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada. (May 2, 2005)

"Thank you very much for sending me a copy of More Than Inclusion. I was very moved to receive it. L'Arche has been at the forefront of the work in this area for so long that some people forget what it was like only a few decades ago when there really were very few reasonable opportunities for people with great human potential and various sorts of disabilities."
His Excellency John Ralston Saul. (April 27, 2005)

More Than Inclusion is a L'Arche Canada publication, February 2005, (ISBN: 0-9738067-0-2 ). It is available for $10.00 plus taxes and shipping from L'Arche Canada, 10265 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4Y7. Order your copy at:

More Than Inclusion can also be downloaded in pdf format.

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