Celebrate the Value of Each Person

(November 2016 Edition)

Welcome to this new section of the Bubble of the Month newsletter. We hope that together with others in your home, program and community you will learn the visual icons of the Servant Leadership Model which inspires us to live the Mission and Spirit of L’Arche more deeply. This common language of icons will support core member involvement in day-to-day decisions and conversation and will support core member voice and input in key community decisions.

  • The last page of the newsletter introduces the icons using the Bubble Path format. You will also find the Mission Cards, Paths Poster, Canvas, Icon Grid and Clip Art versions to be helpful to support the activities in this section. To access all of the visual elements of the model go to this new link which is accessed through the L’Arche Canada Meeting Ground website.

  • If you want support or suggestions for how to engage your home, program or community with this material contact Amy Demoulin (English support) at ademoulin@larche.ca or Louise Provost (French support) at lprovost@larche.ca.