An Openness to Others

L’Arche is rooted in a Christian tradition, but its members belong to a variety of faith traditions or follow other spiritual or personal pathways. There is a shared spirituality in L’Arche that includes finding mystery in the ordinary things of daily life, celebrating the unique gift of each person, and seeing our need for one another as a pathway to inner freedom, mutual care, unity, and communion.

Jean Vanier Daily Thoughts

Hiding from Pain

Some people come to community seeking consolation from the pain of feeling unloved by responding to whatever demands are made of them. Unconsciously there is a thought pattern: 'If I satisfy your need then you, or the community, or God will be grateful, will appreciate my existence, will love me.' Ultimately this can never bring true fulfillment or true growth. It is important that we are attentive to this response, so easily disguised by generosity and goodness. We must help each person to live more and more clearly and deeply from an inner confidence of being loved by God just as they are.

Jean Vanier, Community and Growth, p.132

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