L’Arche Greater Vancouver launches ‘We All Belong’ campaign

Posted 2019-04-24

The $30 million project to build a fully-accessible, three-story building is the organization’s most ambitious dream in its 45-year history.

On April 8, L’Arche Greater Vancouver launched the public phase of the We All Belong campaign. Executive Director and Community Leader Denise Haskett described the new $30 million project to build a fully-accessible, three-story building as the organization’s most ambitious dream in its 45-year history. With L’Arche Greater Vancouver’s contribution of the land, grants from BC Housing and the City of Burnaby, and generous support from many donors, the campaign is half way to the goal. They hope to be debt free in order to put more of their resources into serving the people they support and reaching out into the community.

The building will include:

  • Three fully accessible L’Arche homes (replacing aging buildings)
  • Expanded community inclusion program space and administrative offices
  • 10 suites for persons with intellectual disabilities who can live more independently
  • 29 below-market rental suites for others who wish to be part of the community
  • A large central courtyard, rooftop gardens, a multi-purpose room, and chapel

The Vision of ‘We All Belong’

By Denise Haskett, Community Leader, and Ted Kuntz, Board Chair

“Our vision comes from our commitment to respond to the changing needs of our aging members and the growing need and desire for younger people to be part of an intentional, supportive community.

At L’Arche we recognize the unique value of each person and believe that everyone has gifts to offer society where difference is not only welcomed, but celebrated. Together we discover our shared humanity and our need to belong.

L’Arche Greater Vancouver has been part of Burnaby’s South Slope neighbourhood for over 43 years. Our current building has enabled us to live a rich model of shared life together and welcome the larger community into a place of belonging.

However, we are now faced with the reality of aging infrastructure and inaccessibility. As society and people’s needs continue to change, L’Arche must diversify the way in which we support people.

There is an urgent need for individuals with developmental disabilities to have a broader choice of affordable housing and support models. L’Arche Greater Vancouver created a beautiful video for the We Belong Campaign.

This project will enhance and expand the features that have served us so well. L’Arche will continue to provide homes and community inclusion programs where people with and without developmental disabilities share life together in community.

In addition, there will be a much-needed new component of affordable housing, which will create options for individuals to live more independently in a supportive community. For those who wish to live near L’Arche there will be opportunity for them to participate and contribute.

In a large city where many people feel isolated and alone, L’Arche will continue to be a valuable asset to our neighbourhood by being a place of belonging.”

Discover how you can help make this dream a reality at or contact Sig at


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