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To belong. It is important that we support each other, that we pray for each other, that we come together as people who have the same face. We need to love each other and then, as we learn to...
Community and Growth
Jean Vanier
"Many people today are conscious that they can no longer live isolated from others, nor can each group or country be isolated within its own frontiers." - Jean Vanier
(Softcover; Paulist Press, 2nd revised edition 1989; Pp331) Contemporary society is the product of the disintegration of more or less natural or familial groupings. People are afraid, uncertain—and shut themselves away. But they need companions, friends with whom they can share their lives, their visions and their ideals; in short, they need community. Jean Vanier, founder of the world-famous L’Arche communities for the mentally handicapped and their helpers, has written a unique book. This is no dry and systematic treatise, but rather a brilliant series of ‘starting-points for reflection’ on the nature and meaning of community. In the time since it was first published in 1979 this book has become the standard manual for assistants in L’Arche who are seeking to deepen their understanding of the meaning of life in community.
Origianlly published as La Communauté: lieu du pardon et de la fête by Les Editions Fleurus, Paris and Les Editions Bellarmin, Montreal. Translated from the French by Jean Vanier.


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