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To belong. It is important that we support each other, that we pray for each other, that we come together as people who have the same face. We need to love each other and then, as we learn to...
Edited by Carolyn Whitney-Brown
"My joy is to announce Jesus and the love of God, to announce the presence of God in those who are the most vulnerable and to announce also the humility and the vulnerability of God." —Jean Vanier
(Softcover; Novalis, 2008; Pp176) In 1964 Jean Vanier, a philosopher and former naval officer, moved into a dilapidated house in France with two companions and started the first L’Arche community. In time this grew into an international network of communities in which people with developmental disabilities and those who assist them share their lives together. Though Vanier’s roots are Roman Catholic, the movement is deeply ecumenical, and his message of compassion, community and emphasis on the dignity and value of human life have struck a universal chord.

This collection of Vanier’s essential writings, published to mark his 80th birthday, reflects the great discovery of his life: “that we are healed by the poor and the weak, that we are transformed by them if we enter into relationship with them, that the weak and the vulnerable have a gift to give to our world. They call us together, in unity and peace, to build community.”


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