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Communion is mutual trust, mutual belonging; it is the to-and-fro movement of love between two people where each one gives and each one receives. Communion is not a fixed state, it is an...
Becoming Human
The Massey Lectures (Audiobook read by the author)
Jean Vanier
“There can be no forgiveness of ourselves or of others unless we believe that we are all part of a common humanity.”— Jean Vanier, from Becoming Human
(Audiobook; CBC Audio, 2006; Running time approx. 5 hrs.) In this provocative work, Jean Vanier shares his profoundly human vision for creating a common good that radically changes our communities, our relationships, and ourselves. He proposes that by opening ourselves to outsiders, those we perceive as weak, different, or inferior, we can achieve true personal and societal freedom. Our society shuns weakness and glorifies strength. By embracing weakness, however, we learn new ways of living and discover greater compassion, trust, and understanding. This spirit of inclusion has extraordinary implications for the way we live our lives and build our communities.

5 compact discs in a standard plastic jewel case (pictured)
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