Images of L'Arche

L'Arche Cape Breton, it’s a place where the beauty and uniqueness of the people is influenced by the magnificent views, shaped by the rich traditions of welcoming, refreshed by the salty ocean breeze and unforgettable music.


As Juan Olaechea was developing his art, the process of gathering photos over the last six years in L'Arche Greater Vancouver helped reveal the uniqueness of each individual.

L'Arche Agapè
Jonathan Boulet-Groulx


Here is the harvest from the week I spent with Agape, the L’Arche community in the Outaouais (in Quebec, near Ottawa), November 5th to 10th, 2007. The goal of this photo essay was to witness the daily life of core members and to capture it in photographs. This was a happy collaboration involving L’Arche Quebec, L’Arche Canada, and me, Jonathan Boulet-Groulx. This is only the beginning, and I am confident that we will accomplish much through these efforts. Together, we can change/let’s change the image of developmental disability.

Jonathan Boulet-Groulx


Facing Reality
Élodie Perriot

Elodie Perriot is a photographer, more precisely, a portraitist. Working for an NGO, she is often sent to the four corners of the earth for humanitarian work. She doesn't shrink from her assignment — confronting distress, illness, and disability. She does not slant her pictures. She does not take sides. She does not cheat the subjects of her photographs.

For several weeks now, Elodie Perriot has been creating portraits of people with developmental disabilities at a day program in Paris. Although her work is not yet complete, she graciously agreed to entrust her portraits to us.




Harold lives in the Quebec community of L’Arche Beloeil and is well-known and celebrated in the area. He loves life, people, work, music, and dancing, and he plays the harmonica and the drums. Harold came to L’Arche when he was 21; he was so anxious to come that he called and asked if someone could come to pick him up a day earlier than planned.

When Harold started at Pot-en-Ciel, he wasn’t very sure of himself and needed images to inspire him. I found an illustrated book of the Gospels for him, and it inspired him to begin drawing. The images that move him are often deconstructed by him; he then redraws them out of his personal vision of the subject. I am always astonished by the beauty and the balance of his drawing.

Josee Lemieux, Co-ordinator of the artistic workshop, Le Pot-en-Ciel

L'Arche Haïti
Éric Bellefeuille

Eric Bellefeuille is currently the Co-ordinator of the Quebec Region and a member of L’Arche Agape in Gatineau. Involved with L’Arche since 1993, he devotes himself to amateur photography and takes the opportunity, while visiting different communities, to capture the commonplace things of daily life and images of the people who share in the life of the community.

In November 2007, he had a chance to visit the L’Arche communities in Haiti. Here are some of the images he brought home.

Expo Haiti-Quebec
Jonathan Boulet-Groulx
L'Arche Canada - 2018