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Daily Thoughts from Jean Vanier
Besides being the founder of L'Arche, Jean Vanier is a 21st century writer and social visionary and recipient of many humanitarian awards including the Companion of the Order of Canada. MacLean's Magazine calls him "a Canadian who inspires the world." In a number of best-selling books, Jean Vanier reflects profoundly on what it is to be fully human in our world today.

These short inspirational passages delivered to your email box each day will take less than a minute to read and will help give balance, perspective and spiritual depth to your day. They will be drawn largely from Vanier's best selling books. These include Becoming Human, Finding Peace, Community and Growth and Made for Happiness.

Weekly Inspirational L'Arche Stories
The people who live in L'Arche and the relationships they share are the sources for the insight, humour and inspiration that fill these short stories. Story-telling is at the heart of L'Arche. Stories invite us to discover the gifts of one another and the sometimes unusual ways that we are nourished in relationships with people who are different from us. These brief stories will open the eyes of your heart and offer hope for the human community.

Quarterly “A Human Future” Thought Sheet
In this 4-page e-quarterly L’Arche puts its values of justice, compassion, respect, and inclusion in dialogue with the thinking of outstanding Canadians from across the country.

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The Experience of Individuals
Ingrid Blais, director of L'Arche Homefires
Leslie Greencorn, Halifax (Nova Scotia)
Kristian Chilla, Germany
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