''Dance in the Shadow'' Kit

This kit is built around the video clips on the DVD-ROM Dance in the Shadow: The Unfolding Story of Rebecca Beayni . The videos introduce students to the mutually empowering experience of dance with someone who uses a wheelchair. 

The kit consists of 11 short videos and 6 PDFs, 5 of which have appendices in Word containing only the Questions for Students.  All users should begin with PDF 1, the Introduction. Other PDFs relate to 2015 learning expectations for:

  • Grade 6 Language and Social Studies
  • Grade 10 and 11 Arts (Dance)
  • Grade 11 Leadership/Peer support OR Guidance
  • Grade 10 Religion (Ontario Catholic curriculum)

The 6th PDF offers suggestions for use for Retreats and Conferences.

This kit is a collaboration of L’Arche Canada and Partners for Planning. All parts—videos and teacher’s guide--may be downloaded and used free of charge from this website or from partnersforplanning.ca.  Alternatively, a hard copy of the DVD-ROM (containing all of the videos except that of John Delazzari and Michael Barrett) may be purchased through inclusion.com.


Videos (click to open):

Teacher’s Guide and Questions for Students

1. Revel in the Light (12 min.)

2. John Delazzari and Michael Barrett (1:49 min.)

3. Dance Intro (3 min.)

4. I Can Dance!!! (2:30 min.)

5. Anna Bruno (5 min.)

6. Heryka Miranda (5 min.)

7. First Encounter (5:40 min.)

8. Gratitude (8 min.)

9. Massey Hall Dance (6 min.)

10. You Raise me Up (4:30 min.)

11. Dance in the Shadow (23 min.)

PDF 1 – Introduction (for all users)
Appendix 1: Questions for Students on PDF 1 (click here)

PDF 2 – for Grade 6 Language and Social Studies (suitable also for all students)
Appendix 2: Questions for Students on PDF 2 (click here)

PDF 3 – for Grade 10 and 11 Arts (Dance)
Appendix 3:  Questions for Students on PDF 3 (click here)

PDF 4 – for Grade 11 Leadership/Peer support OR Guidance
Appendix 4: Questions for Students  on PDF 4 (can link also to Appendix 3) (click here)

PDF 5—for Grade 10 Religion (Ontario Catholic schools)
Appendix 5 –Questions for Students on PDF 5 (click here)

PDF 6—for Retreats and Conferences



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