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Curriculum Resources Brochure (Grades 6-12) for Social Studies, Civics, Guidance, Religion, Philosophy, French

''Dance in the Shadow'' Kit
A new free educational resource supporting topics related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Tolerance, Respect, and Social Responsibility for senior elementary and secondary students.

This kit is built around the video clips on the DVD-ROM Dance in the Shadow: The Unfolding Story of Rebecca Beayni . The videos introduce students to the mutually empowering experience of dance with someone who uses a wheelchair. 

The kit consists of 11 short videos and 6 PDFs, 5 of which have appendices in Word containing only the Questions for Students.  All users should begin with PDF 1, the Introduction. Other PDFs relate to 2015 learning expectations for:

  • Grade 6 Language and Social Studies
  • Grade 10 and 11 Arts (Dance)
  • Grade 11 Leadership/Peer support OR Guidance
  • Grade 10 Religion (Ontario Catholic curriculum)

The 6th PDF offers suggestions for use for Retreats and Conferences.

This kit is a collaboration of L’Arche Canada and Partners for Planning. All parts—videos and teacher’s guide--may be downloaded and used free of charge from this website or from  Alternatively, a hard copy of the DVD-ROM (containing all of the videos except that of John Delazzari and Michael Barrett) may be purchased through


Videos (click to open):

Teacher’s Guide and Questions for Students

1. Revel in the Light (12 min.)

2. John Delazzari and Michael Barrett (1:49 min.)

3. Dance Intro (3 min.)

4. I Can Dance!!! (2:30 min.)

5. Anna Bruno (5 min.)

6. Heryka Miranda (5 min.)

7. First Encounter (5:40 min.)

8. Gratitude (8 min.)

9. Massey Hall Dance (6 min.)

10. You Raise me Up (4:30 min.)

11. Dance in the Shadow (23 min.)

PDF 1 – Introduction (for all users)
Appendix 1: Questions for Students on PDF 1 (click here)

PDF 2 – for Grade 6 Language and Social Studies (suitable also for all students)
Appendix 2: Questions for Students on PDF 2 (click here)

PDF 3 – for Grade 10 and 11 Arts (Dance)
Appendix 3:  Questions for Students on PDF 3 (click here)

PDF 4 – for Grade 11 Leadership/Peer support OR Guidance
Appendix 4: Questions for Students  on PDF 4 (can link also to Appendix 3) (click here)

PDF 5—for Grade 10 Religion (Ontario Catholic schools)
Appendix 5 –Questions for Students on PDF 5 (click here)

PDF 6—for Retreats and Conferences



The “I Am...” Kit (Video and Teacher’s Guide)
A tool to help build inclusion, understanding and community in your classroom or school. Recommended for Intermediate and Senior High School Health, Career Education, Character Education, Leadership and Social Studies.

“The resource approaches the topic of inclusiveness by providing students with an experiential awareness of the common ground that exists among all people.” (from the CSC recommendation)

The heart-warming and sometimes humorous "I Am..." video was prepared by people in L’Arche Cape Breton. The concept came from Cheryl Zinyk and Sol Express, an Arts group based at L'Arche Toronto. The resource consists of the 7.25 min. video enhanced and put on a DVD and a Teacher's Guide that includes art or journaling worksheets and meets universal learning goals.

You can now download the Teacher’s Guide free and use the video available here or you can order a hard copy of the Kit from

Download Teacher's Guide
The kit includes an art or journaling activity. Download additional illustrations for students who would like to colour the images or comment further on the individuals in the video

Enhanced DVD alone: $7.50.00.
"I AM..." Kit (DVD and Teacher's Guide in a study folder): $20

Watch the video below.

The Belonging Collection: Disability and Inclusion

The Belonging Collection: Disability and Inclusion is a collaboration of L’Arche and the Marsha Forest Centre (Inclusion Press).

An adaptable resource for all grade levels from Elementary to Senior Secondary, it brings together the excellent Play Fair Teams material (CD-ROM and Manual for Teacher Advisors), the L’Arche ''Choosing Our Future'' video (reformatted in chapters for easy use) with Discussion Questions, and a practical new 65-page booklet “Equity, Social Justice, Disability and Secondary Schools: What Regular Subject Teachers Can Do” by Garry Bunch, Rima Al-Salah, and Jack Pearpoint.

In a sturdy binder. $65.00 plus tax and shipping.

To order, contact:

iBelong .ca is a new bilingual website on friendship is for young people with intellectual disabilities, their families, teachers and others who support them. It provides inspiration and information in a highly accessible format.

"A website about Friendship"  (Learn more ...)

Belonging: Choosing our Future

Belonging: Choosing Our Future is the popular 17 min. video Choosing Our Future re-formatted into short chapters and placed on a DVD-ROM with a downloadable Teacher’s Guide.

Belonging: Choosing Our Future is recommended by Curriculum Services Canada for Grades 7 -12, to support curriculum topics relating to inclusion, identity, community, human relationships, and goal setting. It is useful in implementing curriculum in a number of disciplines, particularly Guidance, Civics, Canadian History, Career Education, and Character Education.

DVD-ROM with teacher’s guide: $20 +postage.


Curriculum Materials Flyer
Secondary School Educational Materials for Civics, Guidance, Religion, Philosophy, French

L'Arche offers high quality supplementary course materials designed to inspire young people with a vision of a world where everyone belongs and can make a contribution.

This is the vision of Jean Vanier--a vision of which L'Arche is one manifestation. "You can choose...You can do something beautiful with your lives" Vanier tell today's youth.

L'Arche materials are written by professional educators and have received excellent evaluations from public, private and Catholic school teachers and principals and from ministry officials.

Download PDF flyer.

On Becoming Human
Jean Vanier explores themes of loneliness and belonging and what it means to become a fully human person in todays's complex world.

CD of 16 short audio clips from Jean Vanier's CBC Massey Lectures, Discussion Questions for Students, and a 72-page Teachers' Guide, shrink-wrapped, 3-hole punched. (Also available on the DVD Choosing Our Future as audio clips and downloadable PDFs.) Includes developing note-taking skills. For Grade 12 Philosophy (Ethics), Religion. [ $25.00 + shipping ]

Vanier's CBC Massey lectures were published as the best selling book, Becoming Human. This book has been republished with a new Introduction by Jean Vanier in September 2008.

Choosing Our Future
Senior Students in Conversation with Jean Vanier

An excellent discussion-starter. In an intimate conversation, students seek Vanier's thoughts on building an inclusive school environment, bullying, finding their direction in life, and looking toward the future. (2007) 15-minute. film and Discussion Questions. DVD-ROM also includes On Becoming Human. Grades 10-12.  [$8.00 + shipping ]

Et toi? Tu choisis quoi?
Jean Vanier en conversation avec des jeunes de secondaire

Eleven-minute film. DVD-ROM is entirely in French. Includes also eight short clips of Jean Vanier speaking on related themes and PDFs of Discussion Questions for French-as-a-Second-Language and for French Immersion Social Studies, Ethics or Religion courses. (2007)

Grades 11-12 core French or Grades 9-10 Immersion (social studies or civics). [$20.00 + shipping ]

French transcripts of the content are available free of charge.

Download transcript of the video Et toi?
Download the transcript of the short clips by Jean Vanier.

The Search for Acceptance (DVD and Teacher’s Guide updated 2012)

This 50-minute award-winning film by Karen Pascal of Windborn Productions presents Jean Vanier's social vision of a world where everyone belongs. This continuously popular video covers contemporary history beginning with 9/11. Kit includes the Discussion Version DVD (in 6 segments) and the newly revised 49-page Teacher's Guide. Deals with inclusion, bullying, stories of refugees and immigrants, and welcoming interfaith diversity. "Challenging, stimulating, superb" (Curriculum Services of Canada).

CSC re-recommended in 2012 for Social Studies, Leadership and World Religions.

“The updates that they have made serve to strengthen the resource and make it more contemporary.” (CSC)

Kit: $39.95 + postage. Teacher’s Guide alone: $15.00 + postage

Click here to download a small Adult Discussion Guide on the "Belonging" film.

Short Films for Class Discussion

L’Arche offers some short films (10 min) that can be used as front material to open up a discussion about diversity and inclusion and belonging. They show how people with intellectual disabilities can contribute to the lives of others. These films are suited to intermediate and senior high school guidance, equity and diversity education, family studies, and religion courses. One of these films (“In God’s Hands”) has religious content. The others follow the L’Arche Educational Initiatives policy of not including religious content.

Read more.

More than Inclusion
Honouring the Contributions of People with Developmental Disabilities

An 84-page book of heartwarming stories and pictures, illustrating L'Arche best practices in this important area.

L'Arche believes that, when members of our society discover the humanizing contributions of those who are often dismissed or marginalized, and their potential to share in enriching relationships of mutuality, inclusion will happen naturally.

This outstanding resource is being used in social work programs and is being read by families, service providers, and sensitive, community-minded individuals across the country. [ $10.00 + taxes and shipping].

The French version of this book, L'Envers Du Monde," is available for the same price.

More Than Inclusion can also be downloaded in pdf format.

Ontario Canadian Studies 2014-related documents

Downloadable PDF:

The Seeding of L'Arche in Canada - Steve and Ann Newroth-Final

The Contribution of L'Arche to People with Disabilities and to Canadian Society

Civic Engagement--People with Disabilities Find their Voices

Eugenics and Sexual Sterilization policies in Canada

Institutions for people with intellectual disabilities and the process of deinstitutionalization in Canada


Alberta Education Resources

Learn Alberta has an online resource on Jean Vanier that is tied into the learning outcomes for Grade 10 Social Studies:

Table of Learning Outcomes related to this Learn Alberta online resource

Other L'Arche educationals resources related to the Alberta Education curriculum for Wellness, Health, Guidance, Careers [coming soon]



Atlantic Canada Education resources

St Francis Xavier University offers an excellent distance education Diploma in Intellectual Disability Studies. Several of the courses were written and are taught by former L'Arche people:

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