L’Arche Outaouais (anc. Agapè)

An inspirational and well-connected community with a workshop serving the local population.

Welcome to L’Arche Outaouais!

Located in the heart of Gatineau, L’Arche Outaouais (previously named Agapè) is a community of 18 people welcomed and nearly 15 assistants living together, in addition to some thirty volunteer friends who regularly take part in daily life. L’Arche Outaouais has 4 households.

But L’Arche Outaouais also includes the workshop Les Jouets d’Arc-en-ciel, providing work for 18 people living with an intellectual disability, including 4 from outside our homes.

We gather every Tuesday evening for a community event where we share news, exchange ideas and most importantly, celebrate for a variety of reasons! Feel free to come and meet us here.



19 Hanson Street
Gatineau (Qc) J8Y 3M4

Tel. (819) 770-2000
Fax: (819) 770-3907

Email: arche.agape@videotron.ca
Website: www.larcheagape.org

Community Leader: Nancy Lamothe

L’Atelier Les Jouets d’Arc-en-ciel
103 Crémazie St., Gatineau J8Y 0A2
Tel. (819) 772-1311
Hours: 8:30am to 3:00pm
Email: atelieragape04@gmail.com