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50th Anniversary Special Issue

In the News:
Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary

Awarded the 2014 World Mayor Prize by the City Mayors Foundation

Over the years, we’ve interviewed many interesting Canadians for our e-quarterly publication, “A Human Future.” In the Spring of 2013, we caught up with Mayor Naheed Nenshi of Calgary to discuss his ideas about community-building. Click here to read the interview..








"Singing a Song of Hope": Archbishop Fred Hiltz,
Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada,
honours Jean Vanier and L'Arche in his New Year’s message.

To read the full message, click here.

As people of good will everywhere
prepare to welcome the New Year,
yearning for God’s peace on earth,
let us remember that
“It is always the most fragile among us
who are the closest to their humanity,
to their suffering,
and to their need to be loved.
It is they who show the rest of us
the way to live in truth and in love.”

(Jean Vanier)

Tune in to CBC Radio One online (English radio only) to hear the December 1st Episode of The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers.  

During the episode, Shelagh discusses Jean's books, Tears of Silence and Becoming Human. She also replays an interview that she did with Jean a couple of years ago.

The Next Chapter airs each week on Mondays at 1 p.m. and on Saturdays at 4 p.m., and can be heard anytime at

The new Norflicks film "Love and Belonging" will be premiered on Vision TV tonight, November 24, at 10 pm EST, for those who can access Vision.


Members of L’ARCHE from across Canada
to Gather in Ottawa-Gatineau
to Mark the 50th Anniversary of L’ARCHE

“Pareil pas pareil”

("Alike, but not alike")

Seven spokespeople, who live with different forms of intellectual disabilities, respond openly to the questions that everyone asks themselves about “differences” and “normality”, about the challenges of living with a  handicap and the desire to live like everyone else, on the need to feel useful and the willingness to learn as well as the importance of loving.

[Note: For English subtitles on the video at,
click on the "cc" at the bottom, right-hand side of the video.]


Jean Vanier and L’Arche
to Receive 2014 Notre Dame Award
for International Human Development
and Solidarity

For details, click on the Notre Dame logo above.

L'Arche profiled on the
award-winning radio program,
"Ideas", on CBC Radio One

The two-part series, entitled "How to do ordinary things", aired on Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, and Tuesday, Sept. 9th, at 9:00 p.m. (9:30 p.m. in Newfoundland) on CBC Radio One.
Listen to the podcasts:
Part 1
Part 2

L'Arche Canada "Portal Page"
Now Online at











March 21st is International Down Syndrome Day.

Here’s a toast to all those people with Down Syndrome who enrich our lives.

People with Down’s syndrome are recognized for their significant contribution to peace.

The 2014 Public Peace Prize in the «Local Peacemaker » category was awarded to all people with Down’s syndrome for their « real ability to spread peace to those around them ». According to their friends and relatives «persons with Down’s syndrome develop a predisposition for peacemaking which blossoms when offered a favorable context. »

Jean Vanier agrees wholeheartedly « My experience in L’Arche helped me to discover that those who are weak, small, disabled are also prophets of peace. By their presence and gestures they open our hearts to understanding and compassion rather than awaken fear. In a mysterious way they break down the barriers that surround our hearts. »



...if on the first day of the new year, people from all over the world celebrated together by exchanging their wishes for peace… and each person made a resolution to create peace in their life, their home or their community…. We could help make a peaceful world!

Jean Vanier on Bullying

Jean Vanier has an important message for schools in this month of bullying awareness.

Fall 2013 Impact Bulletin

The Transformative impact of L’Arche initiatives in secondary schools and Beyond
Secondary students in some provinces learn about L’Arche and Jean Vanier in their curriculum. For example, the new Ontario Grade 10 History and Civics courses ask students about the contribution of L’Arche to the lives of people who have disabilities in Canada and to Canadian society.


“The greatness of a human being is to move from Me to We,” Jean Vanier tells WE DAY’s 20,000 student leaders and educators who filled the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Sept. 20th. Here is the full-length version of his video message. Check the Education page (tab above) in the coming months for other short videos and curriculum content on Jean Vanier, L'Arche and disability history responding to new Ministry of Education courses in Canadian Studies and Social Sciences.

Jean Vanier sent this video greeting to the North American Interfaith Network 25th anniversary conference (NAIN Connect), held at the University of Toronto in mid-August 2013. The conference theme was “In Diversity is our Strength.” The conference drew together people from a variety of religions across North America and Mexico. Sue Mosteller gave the keynote address, sharing stories of how relationships with individuals who have an intellectual disability have opened us to the gifts of those who may seem very different.

L’Arche at the Summer Institute on Theology and Disability

The international gathering of the Summer Institute on Theology and Disability was held at the University of Toronto this summer. Several L’Arche members attended, and L’Arche contributed to this interfaith conference in various ways—organizationally and financially, through the worship leadership of the Spirit Movers dance troupe and through a dinner and evening at the L’Arche Daybreak community (pictured here). One participant noted, “It was clear that Jean Vanier is the reference point for the whole field of theology and disability.” The Canadian contingent met during the conference and identified a name. “Canadian Theology & Disability Network” is a placeholder.

L’Arche Canada Elects its Leaders for the Next Four Years

Hollee Card Gabrielle Beaulieu John Riestchlin

At the end of May , delegates from the 29 Canadian L’Arche communities met in Vancouver for a General Assembly where they approved a mandate and elected its national leaders for the next four years. Hollee Card was chosen to continue as National Leader, Gabrielle Beaulieu to be the new Vice National Leader, and John Rietschlin, to continue as President of the L’Arche Canada Board of Directors. Hollee has a long history in L’Arche and has been in national leadership since 1999. Gabrielle was in L’Arche Beloeil as an assistant and house leader and later was Vice Regional Leader and Interim Leader in Quebec. She is a professional social worker. John has given leadership on the Board for some time. He is Manager of the Older Adults Team in the Social Research Division at Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). Delegates included L’Arche members with intellectual disabilities. The Assembly concluded with a festive meal and evening.

New Jean Vanier Videos Clips for Schools

In July, grade 5 student Maya Pot travelled to Trosly-Breuil, France, with her dad, Warren, to help with videotaping Jean Vanier on themes related to creating a welcoming school culture and a better world--themes that are important to Canadian elementary and secondary schools and teachers and parents. There are 10 videos in 2 series, one more general and one on the theme of Hospitality, which is the "virtue for the month of September" in many Catholic schools.

Diploma in Intellectual Disability Studies Receives National Award

The Diploma in Intellectual Disability Studies developed by St.F.X.U. with significant L'Arche Canada input and involvement received an “Award of ” from CAUCE (the "Canadian Association for University Continuing Education") at its annual conference held this year in Saskatoon. In writing about its decision to bestow the award, CAUCE's Awards Committee said that they were “deeply impressed by how the Program enriches the lives of those with intellectual disabilities, and the Program's community partnership approach."

For more information about the Diploma in Intellectual Disability Studies, click here

L'Arche Opens a Barrier-Breaking Cafe in Winnipeg

On April 10th, L'Arche Winnipeg opened a 'barrier-breaking' café at 119 Regent Ave. West in Transcona.

L’Arche Tova Café will provide job opportunities for people with a developmental or intellectual disability and give visibility to the L'Arche community in Winnipeg.

Learn more on CBC News ...


Celebrating the Art of L'Arche Members

An important way to love another person is to provide opportunity for them to give their gift. We want each person in a L’Arche community to be recognized for their unique way of giving and contributing. Discover in the last issue of the Impact Bulletin published by the L'Arche Canada Foundation the remarkable gift of four L’Arche members who are artists.

The UN Declares March 21st

"World Down Syndrome Day"

For this world premiere of Down Syndrom Day, L'Arche Canada salutes Shilongo from Namibia, Samridhi from Nepal, Lily from New Zealand, Onyinyechi form Nigeria, Muhammad from Pakistan, Rafael from Peru, Jan from Poland, Vera from Portugal, Sonya from Russia, Khaled fromm Saudi Arabia, Franziska form Gernmany, Pavel from Estonia, Thameez from South Africa, Zumra from Sri Lanka, Fredrika from Sweden, Amina from Tanzania, Wognanssan from Togo, Grace from the UK, Nina from the USA, Isabella from Venezuela, Gabriel from Austria, Ela from Bosnia, Bianca from Columbia, Louis from France, Logan from Canada ... and the more than 40,000 people living with Down syndrome in Canada. (Play this videoclip to learn more about them).


Let us in, I want to learn ...

Production : Down Syndrome International

C'est ça la vie! (That’s Life) L'Arche presented on Radio-Canada television




What is L'Arche ?
A Journey of Personal Growth
A Life Together that's Unique
What Makes a Community ?


Jean Vanier January Letter

Since the beginnings of L’Arche (August 1964), Jean Vanier has always wanted to communicate what he was living, wishing to create a network of friendship and fraternity, focused on those who are most marginalized in our societies – people living with an intellectual disability. Through circular letters, he also wanted to thank those who generously supported him in the adventure of L’Arche.



L’Arche on the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

We are proud to announce that Professor Jonas Ruškus, from L’Arche in Lithuania, is the first L’Arche member to be elected at the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). His mandate at the UN will run from 2015 to 2018.The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is composed of 18 independent experts – persons of high moral character and recognized competence in the field of human rights. Find out more about the committee here.

L’Arche Canada’s WITH campaign

Readers of Canadian Family magazine, Toronto Life, and Ottawa magazine may notice full-page L’Arche Canada ads in some issues this fall and winter. We are grateful to St. Joseph Communications for making these ads possible. Click on ad to enlarge.


L'Arche Canada Grief Support Kit

L'Arche Canada's new bilingual kit for conducting Grief Support Groups for People with Intellectual Disabilities is available free of charge on L’Arche Canada’s Aging and Disability website.


L'Arche Homefires Community Leader Receives Diamond Jubilee Medal

Ingrid Blais receives Award
Senator Ogilvie and Ingrid Blais

We are pleased to announce that Ingrid Blais, Community Leader of L'Arche Homefires, was honoured recently as a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. In all, 60,000 Canadians across the country are being honoured this year with the Jubilee Medal for their contributions and achievements. The medal was presented to Ingrid this past Sunday, July 8th, in Wolfville, NS, by The Honourable Kelvin K. Ogilvie, Senator.


Updated Editions of Jean Vanier's Books




The Heart of L’Arche and An Ark for the Poor were both originally published in 1995.  These updated editions were revised by Jean Vaner himself, as he looks back on 47 years of the spirituality of L’Arche, at the age of 83.  Learn more about the history of L'Arche and its spirituality. The new editions can be ordered at

 - An Ark for the Poor
- The Hearth of L'Arche

University of Waterloo Co-op Program recognized L’Arche Ontario with Top Employer Award

On Monday March 19, L’Arche Ontario was named one of the Top 100 Employers by the University of Waterloo Co-op Program because of its commitment and support to co-op students over the years.

Mike Mattice and Karen Dennison from L’Arche Hamilton represented L’Arche at the event.



Down Syndrome Going Viral?


 2 large posters in Avenue Matignon in Paris

Trisomy 21, so what? is a publicity campaign from Spain, which has now taken off in France, where it can be seen on Paris billboards, and on the front page of Voici! magazine. It is also circulating widely on Facebook, and has the support of several large companies.


L'Arche salutes the parents who are the originators of this beautiful campaign, and who, in spite of new genetic tests available, dare to say today: "Trisomy 21, so what?"!



Disability Is By Nature Anti-establishment

According to journalist and author Ian Brown, it is the impossibility for him and his disabled son Walker (The Boy in the Moon) to “achieve” much or even disappoint each other that allows them to be who they actually are with each other, thus escaping what society says we are supposed to be.

Read Ian Brown's reflections in the the Globe and Mail (August 27th 2011).



L'Arche Ontario Art Exhibit at Queen's Park

For over 40 years, the members of L’Arche in Ontario have been discovering the power of art as a way for members with intellectual disabilities to discover and express themselves, to connect with others, and to participate fully in the wider community.

The result is a wonderful exhibition full of vitality, energy – and life that was presented May 28/29 at Queen’s Park during “Doors Open Toronto.”


Click here to visit the exhibition online





 Click here to lear more about Jean Vanier Support Network


Illustration by Jens Bonnke



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